Friday, August 28, 2009

All Lined Up

James is a funny little guy. He has a clean fetish of sorts, and I wonder sometimes if my OCD tendencies are contagious or if he just is that kind of kid. Since he was born, he's had a mind of his own.

{Tangent: This has actually been the hardest thing to adjust to as a parent. I didn't actually WANT an accessory to carry around and dictate, but I was and still am totally unprepared for the PERSON who lives in our house. I mean, he has this personality that is absolutely his! He has demands! He has likes and dislikes! And they're often not at all what I tried to brainwash into him. :) It's disconcerting, but wonderful. He's just a real person even as a baby. Who knew children were people too??}

Anyway, this clean fetish is just that: he hates being dirty. Mostly he hates it when his hands are dirty. He will choose to use his hands in lieu of silverware {to eat spaghetti, for example}, but then several times mid-meal, he will ask for a towel {and scream and cry for one if I try to tell him we can wait to clean up until the end}. I'm not actually worried about him. Some kids are just that way. And it's not like he doesn't love playing in the sandbox and puddles and rocks...

Similarly, James loves to organize things. He loves to stack things, and he loves to line things up. I've only recently noticed this- this summer, probably. I think it's really cute. Here are some examples... ALL TAKEN YESTERDAY when I just kept noticing and had the camera handy. Is this an age thing, as they're learning that things have order and a place in the world? Or is my kid just ... well... awesome? :) Check it out.

At lunch. Derek and I had toast with mayo, amazing, garden tomatoes on top, S&P and melted cheese. James had all ingredients, just not together. And, of course, he wanted "baby 'matoes" in lieu of the boring ones. See? All lined up!
Coloring triangles. :) We watched a couple of Sesame Street clips about triangles. Then we drew triangles and colored them. He put his crayons all in a row. Then when I told him I wanted to take a picture, he was embarrassed and therefore had to... eat a lemon?! Strange kid.
Pointing. {Pretty self-explanatory}
With his awesome new airplanes {Thank you, Grandma!} and his dump truck and his tractor. All lined up!
I love the things he does. I'm so glad he came to us with his own personality. Though I detest parents that crave the "best friend" relationship with their kids, I love that our little family is a group of buddies... that we really would have picked one another when given the chance. Thanks for letting me ramble and brag about my boy. I really can't help myself.

PS. I cannot even tell you how much I actually prefer this sort of kiddo. Grimy, snot-nosed kids make me literally throw up in my mouth just to look at them. I'm a bit of a germaphobe and therefore have an aversion to sick people. Stinky schoolchildren gross me out. You get my drift. So really, it's good that James is so clean and relatively tidy. I might not love him otherwise. {wink}

Friday, August 21, 2009

ABCs and then some

I just have to post to say how wonderful my little James is. He really is the best thing ever. Today he was especially delightful, and super obedient to boot. I had some "secretarial" stuff (aka: Derek's school stuff) to take care of this morning, and James was really patient and helpful to let me get it all done. He played in the other room while I typed up some paperwork, and when I was on the phone to professors, etc, he was quiet and not climbing all over me (this is a new, fun phone exercise at our house). Anyway, these things might seem lame, but they're big deals for a little guy. He was happy all day, got out of fits quickly and on his own (when they even happened, which was rarely) and was really just such a doll. I don't know what I'd do without him. I'm so glad he's mine.

Tonight (well since naptime, really) he was all giggles and squirms. He was really fun but all over the place. Maybe it was the dual popsicle action he got post-nap. Hm... could be. We had already exhausted all of my activity ideas, so I thought maybe we'd make a "movie." James has been really great at singing lately... ABC song, Twinkle-Twinkle, I Hope They Call Me on a Mission, I am a Child of God (sung with vigor!) and more... and I wanted to capture it. I should have taken into account the over-activeness, though, 'cause it took me like five movies to get one this good. :) He's so funny. As soon as we got a decent one, I put it on the computer and had him watch it with me (we watched all of them). And the boy laughed his head off watching himself. Apparently he thinks he's funny, too. lol. What a sweetheart.

I'm grateful for a day that was so dang blissful. I felt great (finally) and even made a nutritious (and appealing- cue miracle music) dinner and (keep that music playing) cleaned the kitchen 'til it sparkled. Seriously, what a day. PS- Derek just called to say that he passed his FAA written exam (he just now finished). Yay! Happiness all around.

Here's the "movie." If you wonder why he's looking to the side, it's because I had the screen out for him to see himself. It was the only way he'd sit still through an entire song. What a cutie. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Multi-Ethnic Baby

I should be journaling this, but I'm at the computer-- and typing is faster. I just wanted to record some random information about this little baby in my tummy.

You see, at first we thought it was a Mexican. All I wanted for a while there was beans. Refried beans {think Taco Bell bean burritos}, chili con carne, you name it. Then Derek started calling it my little Italian. I wanted pasta. Mostly plain-ish pasta, since I was so DARNED queasy. Spaghetti noodles with zucchini cooked with a bit of olive oil, onion and some garlic-- topped with parmesano reggiano. Toss it all around- ahh, delish. And now... well, I think my baby is officially just plain ol' American White Trash! We went to the fair this last weekend {pictures and post to follow if I can ever get my pics uploaded}, and I had the best, hugest corn dog EVER! And it was divine. Then I bought frozen corn dogs today for dinner... James had one, and I ate one {ahem, three}. Perrrrfect. Mmm.

When I was pregnant with James, I wanted salad and fresh veggies in the beginning. The weirdest thing was probably the super-craving for pickled okra. I hated Indian food, but I think that's pretty universal for me {when pregnant; I love it otherwise}. I miss it, but it's too much kick for my traumatised stomach. This time I hate meat. Unless corn dogs count, which we all know they don't.

So there you have it. My multi-ethnic baby! What will it look like, I wonder? ...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Un et un font deux.

French phrase. Translates into English as: "one plus one equals two." Also can be written as the equation "1 + 1 = 2" or read as "one and one make two" ... thus implying that a family may or may not be expecting their second child.