Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Wonderful, Lazy Sunday

I've been journaling (in an actual journal, not online... obviously) a lot more lately, and I thought you might care to "read" an entry. So here is today's. You're welcome.

18 September 2011 / Sun. (during naptime, around 2pm)

We're ditching church today. Not for any anti-religious reason, we just need a day off. Jolie's been sick all week, just a cold-turned-phlegmy-cough, but still enough to keep her out of Nursery. Then Derek came home from work yesterday telling me he'd felt sick all day and had been about to puke all day, he was so tired. So he fell asleep at about 5:30pm... and slept solid until 9:00 this morning. (!!) I know. I couldn't believe it, either. The Andersons are amazingly good sleepers- known to sleep for an entire 24-hour stretch, so I shouldn't have been surprised. But still! Either way, with 2 out of 4 of our family down and out, we figured a TOTAL day of rest was in order.

And it's been really nice so far. We slept in (really- James didn't come in our room until NINE!) and have mostly been lazy. The kids played with PlayDoh (Jolie only ate a teensy bit). Derek and I fooled around with our phones (iPhones; Derek played "TapFish2," and I played "WordsWithFriends"). We had breakfast somewhere in there, and later we had lunch.

Now before I explain more about our delicious lunch, let me backtrack. I decided recently (last Thursday) that I'm going to start counting calories. I've been exercising regularly (cue "Hallelujah" chorus) since June 1st. Seriously- sweating and everything! :) Aubrey's been my workout partner, and she's been fabulous. And I HAVE seen results! I have lost about 4-6 lbs and just feel a lot more attractive and a lot less ugh. My clothes fit better. My energy's higher. It's been great. But I still want to lose 20 lbs. It may be unrealistic, but I want to give it a shot. I just figure that at 28 (Happy Birthday to me!) I should be at the hotness-peak of my life. I'm not. Also, I'm genuinely concerned that our (Derek's and mine) lifestyle habits are going to result in a miserable, disease-ridden, obese middle-aged couple. And I don't want that. I figure it's easier to change now than when I'm 60. And for all of those reasons combined - I'm starving myself.

:) No, I'm really not. I'm actually doing and feeling just fine so far. I downloaded an App on my phone called "MyFitnessPal" that has made the whole calorie-counting thing not only doable but actually kinda fun! I enter in everything I eat that day (I can search it or barcode-scan it; the calories are calculated for me) as well as any exercise I do, and it tells me how many calories I've used and how many I have left. At the end of the day, I submit the information, and it tells me (love this!), "If everyday were like today... You'd weigh ___lbs in 5 weeks." So cool! Very motivating.

So there you have it: a ginormo tangent all about my health/fitness goals. :) You're welcome.

Now. Back to lunch. This is what we ate: Beef Tenderloin Steaks (Filet Mignon) with Red Wine-Tarragon Sauce and a Romaine-tomato-green onion salad (served with Atwood's Ranch, of course... just not tons for me). Mmm! The entire meal was only about 311 calories. And my GOSH- it was yummy! Hooray for fantastic food that's ... wait for it ... good for you! I know. I'm impressed, too.

Post-lunch, we let the kids play together for a bit, and now we're all taking a nap. In the spirit of full disclosure, Jolie's taking a nap. James is playing quietly in his room ("resting"). Derek is working on homework for his class. And I'm ... well ... obviously writing in my journal. After naptime we plan to break out the Thomas tracks (the Thomas the Tank Engine train tracks set with self-propelled Thomas) for the kids - as per James' request. Then we'll eat a yummy dinner and possibly do FHE ... and eat a delicious treat (angel food cake?). In the meantime, I'm gonna go nap. I'm falling asleeeeepppp. :)

The End.

Note: We did get the Thomas train tracks out, but we also went for a walk (a mile, maybe... we were gone about an hour). Below are some pictures we took while we were out. They were all taken on my iPhone, so they're not stunning, but man- it was beautiful out!

Post-walk, we ate a fabulous dinner (thank you, Derek). And yes- we finished it off with some angel food cake. (No, I'm not obsessed with food. Well, any more than usual!) :)

What a wonderful, oh-so-lazy Sunday!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Too Many Kids in This Tub

I think author Shel Silverstein said it best in his poem entitled "Crowded Tub" when he wrote:

There are too many kids in this tub.
There are too many elbows to scrub.
I just washed a behind that I'm sure wasn't mine.
There are too many kids in this tub.