Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Airplane Museum Daycation

We went on a fun little "daycation" today... to the Hill Aerospace Museum. James was so excited to "see a airpanes" that he could hardly contain himself. It's really fun that he's old enough to get so excited about stuff. FINALLY- after mommy showered and we drove so far, far away- we saw them. The airplanes. And they were gorgeous. "Wow... SO BIG!" was James' general consensus. When he saw bombs, he thought they were little airplanes and would coo, "Ah... so little and cute and so tiny!" in a talk-sweetly-about-babies sort of voice. It was really cute.

We got to the museum around lunchtime and weren't sure what to do. I asked James if he wanted to have lunch in a restaurant, but he adamantly replied, "No. I see airpanes." So we grabbed some MickyD's and ate outside of the museum-- surrounded by and even directly under some pretty amazing airplanes. For my "airpane" loving son, it was heaven. He kept talking about our "airplane picnic." Darling.

Anyway- it was fun. I took tons of pictures, and I plan to scrapbook a few more of them. But here's this one for now. The half-shade half-glaring-sun aspect of the picture sucks quite a bit. But look at that smile. I figure it makes up for it.

Hooray for "daycations" and hooray for a fun little boy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

General Conference 07

Really, does everyone snooze during conference? :) Here's one of my favorite pictures. Scrapped.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I'm sorry to keep posting these, but I'm just so darned proud of myself. Tonight I was browsing through our photos and found this one that we had taken of ourselves on our third anniversary. We stayed at the Providence Inn (an adorable little bed-and-breakfast place). It was my surprise for Derek, and (again with the pride) I must say it was a fabulous one! What fun memories! I get all swoony just thinking about it. I suppose I just love the guy. Sigh... bliss.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

borderline obsession

Okay, okay... I'm going a little overboard here. I tend to be obsessive in general, and this is evidence of that. My house is chaotic. I still haven't showered. James has watched too many movies and had to play alone a bit too much. Current James has been neglected for Newborn-Memory James, and I'm not sure that's the way to live. Ugh. Thank goodness for the playdate this afternoon-- it will make me shower, play with my boy and see the sun! :)

As for the page, I totally copied this layout (really... not at all slyly) from one of Li's pages, but she has such great ideas and perfect style... I just couldn't resist. Again, though- is it too girly? And honestly... isn't he so darned cute??


So this one I'm not so sure about. Does the black and white look dumb with the more brown-ish hued colors? Do the metals clash?? Is it too girly with the flower? Should I not put the date (or put something else altogether) since the labor and such was on the 12th... even though he was born on the 13th (accuracy in archiving is one of my anal-about-this things)?? I just don't know.

It's supposed to be about labor... that it sucked rocks but was totally worth it. I assume you'll pick that up. And that poor James had a rough go of it, too, but that it was worth it for him- at long last. The fig leaf was added for the sake of the blog. Derek thinks it's absolutely inappropriate to have a nudie-James pic in our scrapbook all together, but I couldn't bear to crop off his adorable little legs. He's just so perfect. Those were my thoughts then, and I wanted to keep those thoughts here. But is it totally indecent and cruel to put a baby weener in a book? I (again) just don't know.

Anyway- I need the moral support, so I'm going to keep posting these silly pages. Maybe you'll get inspired yourself ... or maybe you'll just see what a cute little squishy thing I gave birth to several years ago.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

and anotha one, notha one

The first of {perhaps} many...

I have really wanted to scrapbook James' first year, but the project is so daunting and my skill level is so crumby that my ambition dies before it hits the screen. With the Photoshop tips, inspiration and support of my amazing friend Li, I was able to make this bad boy {yay for craft night}. And though I may become addicted and consumed as a side effect, I just might whip out a few pages after all! So here is my first page... the first of {perhaps} many.