Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jolie and Kona sittin' in a tree...

K-I-S-S… freak-dan-cing! :)

So, I know I have mentioned before just how much Jolie loves Kona (our friend and boy-next-door). Kona is James' friend, but Jolie just adores him! I can't say I blame her; he's quite the stud. But really, it's hilarious!

Well, the other day we were babysitting Kona and Kainoa (his younger brother) while Mom and Dad went out on a hot date. We had loads of fun! We set up a "picnic" table in the living room, broke out the pizza and popcorn, and watched "Gnomeo and Juliet." They loved it, all of it. Then when the credits rolled and the fun, crazy music started up, Jolie started ... well, freak-dancing Kona! :) I know she wasn't really. She honestly just bounces up and down like that when she dances (or really, that is HOW she dances). But she just couldn't keep her hands off the boy! It was super funny! And Kona was such a good sport; he just took it all like it was no big thAng.

Check it out. It's super funny!

Jolie Elizabeth Seeholzer. It does have a certain ring to it... (wink)