Saturday, March 27, 2010

with a wink and a SMILE :)

This just in: Jolie SMILES! :) I always thought babies weren't supposed to smile on purpose until they were about two months old, but apparently our little girl is ahead of schedule. Her first real smiles that we recognized happened last Sunday (03/21/2010), when she was but 5 weeks old. It was her first time at church. Derek and I had her with us in Sunday School (Marriage and Family class, fyi), and she was super happy and absolutely all smiles. It was amazing. Then late Thursday night, I went to Bookclub and took her with me. My friend Missy was holding her and smiling at her... and Jolie smiled some HUGE smiles in response! Adorable. THEN- the most smiley she's been thus far was just last night. We had Kurt/Bonnie and Jon/Ashley over for dinner. Jolie was reclining on my knees, and Kurt was talking/cooing at her. She smiled some humongous smiles! We all gathered around to oooh and aaahhh at her... and everyone took a turn trying to get more smiles out of her. :) Jon, Kurt and Derek had the best success; I think she's partial to men. But she had a good 15 minutes of utter bliss and nearly endless smiling. And my goodness, we were all quite smitten as a result. I'm not sure what it is that makes me both melt and squeal when she smiles... it might be that she's just. that. pretty. Or it might be that her eyes light up. Or it might be just the joy of knowing that she's responding to me/us. Whatever it is... it makes me SO, so happy. And considering the smiles, I'd say she's pretty happy too. :)

Note: The above picture is from Jon's iPhone, taken last night. Aw... too sweet.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Got Green?

So- Derek has a St. Patrick's Day shirt that says, "Got Green?" on it. It's bright green, and he looks super studly in it. Yes, I'm biased... but look. Proof:

No, you can't see the print and can only hardly see the shirt. But I LOVE this picture. This is the man (Er... boy? He looks so young!) I fell in love with. Mmm...

Anyway, he wore it to a concert once, and all the stoners were like, "Yeah! Right on, dude!" :) Who knew "Got Green?" worked as a pot reference? I suppose the pot-o-gold at the end of the rainbow has a dual-connotation! lol. So yeah... Happy St. Patrick's Day... from the pot-heads AND us! :) Here are some stories and pictures of our day so far.

I looked through Jolie's closet today, on the hunt for something festive for her to wear. I discovered that we don't really have any green outfits for Jolie, so this morning... I SEWED A DRESS! I know! I'm so proud of myself, too. :) I used an old shirt of mine (one I had saved in my fabric scraps because I just couldn't part with it- it was too cute) and chopped it up. It turned out pretty great, if I do say so myself! Then I whipped up a headband in three seconds flat (seriously), and TA DA! Pretty little green girl.

(Oh, and PS. She was MAD in these first couple of these pictures... starving and neglected, really. I was impatient and had to get some pics as soon as I finished sewing, and they were just too funny not to post. Sorry, baby.)

Fed, full, and significantly happier.
James looking green and great.
Just not too anxious to have a full-on photo shoot.
Derek's on spring break right now, and it's been great "playing with daddy" all day long. It's actually been spring-like weather lately, too, which is amazing and very much welcomed. We've been able to get outside and play a bit (remind me to post bike-riding pics/video later). Today we decided to go and have fun at the PARK! Woohoo warm(-ish) weather!
Jolie's first time in a park. She, uh, loved it... ;)
Hey, mom!
Our awesome family picture (Daddy and Jolie were snuggling; James and I decided to make it a family affair.)
Aw... love.
Later tonight we'll be having corned beef and cabbage with carrots and potatoes. It's cooking now, and YUM- it smells good! What a great day. Hooray for spring break, warm sunshine, and ... you know... drunken Irish leprechauns. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 3

As a recap of recent events, I will start by quoting myself (I do that a lot... egocentric, I know). :) I posted this "status" on Facebook on Sunday (Feb. 28):

"Rebecca Anderson is finally a little LESS crazy-emotional. There are still moments, but I'm feeling so, so much better. We just might survive this "family of four" scenario after all! :) Jolie is still an absolute doll. Getting more vocal about her needs being met, but still a very good, pleasant baby. And James is no longer a germy ball of disease, so I love him more too. I know. I'm heartless. So long, doctor career!"

For those of you who didn't know, James was sick. A throat infection, nothing major- but enough to make life pretty hellish around here. He got sick the day my mom left, and the transition was awful. I wanted to cry for my Jamesie because I hate to see my baby sick. And I wanted to cry for me because I'm a germaphobe and a crappy nurse... and really, I'm a sucker for self-pity. It was a rough week or so, but with meds, Lysol and a dash of TLC, we survived it okay. By Sunday, he was feeling tons better (and coughing tons less), and by Monday he was pretty much cured. Yay.

Since then, we've done much better. James is amazingly well-behaved when he's not sick. I think I take that for granted normally. He really is a great, happy little boy. I am super lucky/blessed to have happy, sweet children. I was nervous about Jolie since we already had one practically-perfect child (remind me of this comment the next time he throws a fit, will you?), but we lucked out again. My children are fabulous, and I am so happy they're mine.

Also, my kids are weird. (They must get that from their daddy- wink.) Or at very least, they are weird sleepers. Here is evidence. Jolie sleeps wide-mouthed like this. It makes me crazy. I am constantly thinking, "We are not a cod fish!" (Name that movie.)
And Jamesie ... well, at night we go in to kiss him goodnight before we settle in to snooze. It started when he was a teeny one and we would go in to make sure he was still breathing. He was healthy and strong, but new parents are paranoid. Somehow the checking-of-breathing evolved into just tucking-in and kissing goodnight. Still, though, he gets checked on nightly. We often will find him in funky positions. The below pose is but one example.
This pic is not the best, really, but it showcases a very normal expression for Jolie. Chill. Kinda bored. Not really sure what's going on in her head, but yes- if she's awake, she often looks this way. :)
Gettin' cozy with Uncle Jon.
One morning recently (this last week, not sure when) we were laying on the floor, "playing" with "sister." We started singing songs. James loved it. Jolie... well, she liked it fine. James came up with a pretty great song for his lil' sister. Check out the video post-pic to hear it.

Love this face. Also pretty normal.
Cute. I know.
Here's a little shout-out to our buddy Kurt. Kurt is Derek's little brother, but Derek really looks up to the man. There's some good, quality brotherly love going on here. Anyway, Kurt got accepted into pharmacy school (hooray!), and we had him and his wife (Bonnie) over to celebrate. We toasted with some sparkling cider and watched an appropriately-titled movie called "Accepted." It was a fun night. We tend to have those with these beautiful people. They're probably our best friends right now, and although we're thrilled to see them move on in life... we hate that they're leaving us. I guess it's good we're family. As such, they're pretty much stuck with us! :)
Disregard the lame positioning (newborns are quirky; what can I say?) and focus on the darling little girl and her rockin' outfit! I love this little ensemble... and yes, the little girl, too.

Precious, no?
James was eating a PB&J the other day. Delicious and nutritious, I know. Anyway, as I watched- he smeared the jam all over his lips, puckered up, and said, "Momma, you wanna kiss me now?" :) Silly boy. And... no. No thanks.
Jolie had her first photo shoot yesterday (Thursday, March 4th). My friend Li is a photographer and does AMAZING work! Really. She took our family pics this last summer, and I am forever spoiled now and don't think I'll ever be able to go back to a studio chain. She's so much better! And (major plus) the experience is amazingly better. No waiting an hour in a waiting room while kids get restless, hungry and sad. No more annoying posing by amateurs. No more frustration! Li does great, and I cannot WAIT to see all of the proofs! She posted a sneak peek on her blog. Check them out. They're sooooo, soooo cute. (Proud mama speaking, but still- I think you all will agree.) Go to:

Anyway, while she was shooting, I took this lil' gem over her shoulder (what photographer doesn't love that?!).
And lastly, the weather. It's been crazy-springlike around here lately. Warm (yes, we count 45-55 degree weather as warm!) and sunny. Wonderful. We've been on a walk and everything. (I think that walk was the happiest my lil' guy has been in a LONG time! The poor thing needs summer, I think.) Then yesterday it rained in the afternoon. Then towards the evening, it started snowing very suddenly and very hard core(-ly?). It was also beautiful, just kinda weird. Here's a pic.
Life is good here. We're (generally) happy. And healthy- at last! Thanks for wanting more pictures (ahem- Katie). It's a difficult request to fulfill with the craziness I'm still adjusting to, but it's flattering that you care. We love you all. Out.