Monday, June 17, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

My baby graduated from kindergarten!  I cannot believe he is old enough for that.  But once I come to terms with my babies growing up, I am also so danged proud.  He did so great in school this year.  I was worried about him being socially immature and struggling due to his young age, but he really stepped it up and did wonderfully!  I love that we put him in Thomas Edison.  I really think the atmosphere and learning methods helped him to succeed- and just to figure out how to act appropriately in school.  He had wonderful teachers, fabulous classmates and friends, and he really learned and developed so much!

The biggest surprise was probably that my boy who hated coloring (and would do maybe one swipe of a crayon on a coloring sheet) turned into quite the artist!  Mr. Davis, thank you.  James loves art and drawing and creating now!  He even says he wants to be an artist when he grows up!  He actually is going to be quite busy when he grows up, as he wants to be a paleontologist (a dinosaur scientist), a policeman, a builder and an artist.  He figures he can just be a policeman at night, since bad guys just come out at night.  Haha.  And he'll be an artist in his spare time.  He's so cute.  And ambitious!

James was friends with everyone in his class.  Truly.  But the friend he mentioned the most was Brooklyn.  I think he had a bit of a crush on her.  And by "think" I mean "am pretty sure" ... his journal says "I love Brooklyn" more than once.  Hehe.  So cute.  She's a darling girl, kind of crazy and wild- like him.  It makes sense.

Kindergarten graduation was a fun time, but bitter-sweet for James.  He has enjoyed this summer and the free time it offers, but he is quite excited for school to start again.  First grade may throw me for a loop, but he simply cannot wait.  Education? Bring it on!