Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the part where I gush over my babies

Can I just say how much I love my children? I can? Okay: SOOOOOOO MUUUUUCHHHH! :) They really make me so happy every day. I especially have been quite smitten by the way they've been together as of late. They're so, so cute. They hold hands and walk around the house (James loves to lead Jolie around and guide her play, and Jolie loves to be lead by him). They sit together and read. They chase each other all over being silly. They smooch and giggle and love on each other.

And nothing makes me happier.

I am so glad I have them, and so glad they have one another. These two little darlings are the highlight of my life. I love them more than words can express. I'm so, so glad they're mine.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sorry to BUG you! {giggle, giggle, har, har}

I should be baking a birthday cake right now. Or cleaning my horrendously filthy bathrooms. Or wrapping presents. But instead, I'm sitting. For at least three minutes.

If you haven't seen one already, here's a peek at James' birthday invites. No, that's not our address. The real ones have the real one. If you didn't get an invite, please don't be sad. Mostly no one did. It's going to be a super exclusive party (if you count "pretty much only local relatives" as exclusive). If you're one of said "local relatives" and didn't get an invite- I'm sorry, and the above one's for you! :) Though you may want to call for directions.

For now... will you all just send lots of positive thoughts my way? I'm currently assuming that a) a spider pinata will manifest itself from the craziness of glue and newspaper and tissue paper that is now my kitchen, b) a beautifully ugly "dirt cake" will come together and both look and taste terrific, c) the weather will be nice so that we don't have to try and cram a ton of people into our little house, and d) that we will all be pleasant and happy and able to enjoy the day (and not have the drama, swearing, kicking and biting that may or may not have existed the last time we threw a party here... cough, cough). It's a whole lot of wishful thinking, I know. But hey- I'm a wishful person!

So be a pal and wish us luck. And come tomorrow with low expectations so you'll be pleasantly impressed. :)

Happy {almost} 4th birthday, my handsome boy! We love you!

And , you know, bugs. Obviously.