Sunday, October 11, 2009


Thinking about falling in love... it was a blissful time.

If you aren't in the habit already, I highly recommend reading and re-reading your journal entries {I really hope you have them, because they're wonderful to have} from time to time. All of them are great, but I especially recommend reading those from the time you fell in love with your significant other.

I was reading tonight about when we were engaged. Cute factoid: I apparently didn't sleep much for about a week after he proposed... I was too excited. I didn't remember that {the sleep-deprivation, that is}. Little things like that are fun to remember.

I also loved reading about how much Derek took care of me, even then. For example, one day {05/23/05} I felt especially crappy, stressed and sort of sick. Derek had been over, but he left to go home. I wrote, "After Derek and I read scriptures and prayed, it was past 11:00pm. Derek left, and I brushed and flossed my teeth. Then I heard someone come in the house. It was Derek. I tried to think of what he forgot. But it wasn't that at all. He had gone to the grocery store and bought me some groceries-- that way I could have breakfast, etc. Somehow, it was the sweetest, kindest thing he could do for me. He sacrificed on my behalf; he performed service. I guess I just really felt his love." What a great guy. I guess some things never change.

Anyway- read your journal. Do it. Right now. It's fun. But mostly, it makes you feel all warm and snuggly inside. :) 'Night.


tori and nelson said... cute! we all love derek too...who else would we have found for you? haha. jk. love you!

Mindy said...

Bec, you are cool. If I haven't told you that lately. . . well, you're cool.
I kept a faithful journal when Shawn and I were dating. It's kind of hilarious to read because I was 17 at the time. We had been dating for 2 months when I decided I was in love with him. I guess we were meant to be! :)

Ashley Ford said...

Yayy for happy families!!!!

bart said...

Good job, Derek -- what a nice guy!

katie said...

Man, pregnancy makes you sappy!

Just kidding. That's a sweet post!

Anderson said...

Lol. Katie, I actually was totally gonna comment along those lines. It honestly DOES! You know how people joke about pregnant women crying over hamburger commercials, etc... Well it wasn't really that way with James (I was mostly just mean, sadly), but I'm TOTALLY that way with this one. Maybe it's the extra estrogen. Or maybe I'm just (like you said) sappy. Either way, good for Derek. Or, you know, better than mean! :)

Missy W. said...

I got a little teary when I read that :)

Dena said...

Ok, not fun blog to read while J's gone!!!! BUT I totally re-read dating journal entries!!! Most are "he loves me so much. I just know it. he's going to ask me to marry him. I just know it!" Either I was way smart or cocky and vain...I like to think I'm smart. I miss you! Talk to you soon. Love ya!

BiggsFamily said...

Too cute!! Wish I was better at writing those things down, because my memory gets smaller and smaller with every child, ha ha. Glad that you found such a keeper!!