Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Got Green?

So- Derek has a St. Patrick's Day shirt that says, "Got Green?" on it. It's bright green, and he looks super studly in it. Yes, I'm biased... but look. Proof:

No, you can't see the print and can only hardly see the shirt. But I LOVE this picture. This is the man (Er... boy? He looks so young!) I fell in love with. Mmm...

Anyway, he wore it to a concert once, and all the stoners were like, "Yeah! Right on, dude!" :) Who knew "Got Green?" worked as a pot reference? I suppose the pot-o-gold at the end of the rainbow has a dual-connotation! lol. So yeah... Happy St. Patrick's Day... from the pot-heads AND us! :) Here are some stories and pictures of our day so far.

I looked through Jolie's closet today, on the hunt for something festive for her to wear. I discovered that we don't really have any green outfits for Jolie, so this morning... I SEWED A DRESS! I know! I'm so proud of myself, too. :) I used an old shirt of mine (one I had saved in my fabric scraps because I just couldn't part with it- it was too cute) and chopped it up. It turned out pretty great, if I do say so myself! Then I whipped up a headband in three seconds flat (seriously), and TA DA! Pretty little green girl.

(Oh, and PS. She was MAD in these first couple of these pictures... starving and neglected, really. I was impatient and had to get some pics as soon as I finished sewing, and they were just too funny not to post. Sorry, baby.)

Fed, full, and significantly happier.
James looking green and great.
Just not too anxious to have a full-on photo shoot.
Derek's on spring break right now, and it's been great "playing with daddy" all day long. It's actually been spring-like weather lately, too, which is amazing and very much welcomed. We've been able to get outside and play a bit (remind me to post bike-riding pics/video later). Today we decided to go and have fun at the PARK! Woohoo warm(-ish) weather!
Jolie's first time in a park. She, uh, loved it... ;)
Hey, mom!
Our awesome family picture (Daddy and Jolie were snuggling; James and I decided to make it a family affair.)
Aw... love.
Later tonight we'll be having corned beef and cabbage with carrots and potatoes. It's cooking now, and YUM- it smells good! What a great day. Hooray for spring break, warm sunshine, and ... you know... drunken Irish leprechauns. :)


Adam and Aubrey said...

I love drunkness. baha! Yes, Derek is a catch, but girrrrrl- so are you! You are looking HOT in your green! Love it! And BAH BAH BAH to your sewing skills! You freak me right out. I don't know if I can have friends with such amazing skills. Makes me look and feel even worse. BAH. But Jolie looks so adorable and squeezable in her green! Even with the angry face!

bart said...

Fun! That's a cute dress and headband -- you did well! Happy St Patty's.

katie said...

Great sewing Bec! Jamesie looks very studly--you better watch out for him--it looks like he'll be a heart-breaker with some attitude.

Matt and Vicki said...

That dress is amazing. And on such a cute little girl. Your family rocks! And YAY for spring break!

jon and whit said...

no freakin way did you sew that!! you're amazing. cute pictures! looks like a fun day!

Mindy said...

Bec- I am once again amazed at your ability to just "whip up a dress" like you do. No pattern or anything. It really is super-cute. Happy little green family. :)

Richelle said...

That dress is extra cool because Mommy wore it first. That makes it even better. You should keep it forever.

(I THINK I recognize the baby with the gigantic eyes in the first photo of Derek too)

Dena said...

I remember that shirt! But sorry to dissappoint you, it's way cuter on Jolie! :) James looks super handsome too. I'm glad you're having fun with your family of four. Four lepreCHAUNS. Sorry, I taught English. I can't help but's a fault. LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!!

Anderson said...

For the record, I totally googled "lepreCHAUNS" and found it both as "leprecons" and "lepricons"- neither of which looked right to me, but hey the internet is never wrong... right?? Thank you, Dena, for helping me out. I'm fixing it right now. :)

PS. It's absolutely fine that you corrected my spelling. I am a cringer generally (and/or a judger) when I see typos, etc, so I forgive you. However, I will FULLY forgive when you POST SOMETHING ON YOUR BLOG!!! Seriously. Months? There's really no excuse for that. (wink)

Stephanie said...

What a cute family! Little Jolie is precious! Can't wait to see you at book club.

echolsfamily said...

I don't think I knew that you liked to sew so much? Great job Bec, it turned out awesome!

Kandace said...

Look at you and all your mad sewing skills!

Love the dress!
Love the green!
Love you guys!