Wednesday, April 21, 2010


First announcement: We had our little girl!!! Okay, okay... I know this is old news, but now that I FINALLY mailed out the birth announcements, I can post one on the blog. (If you didn't get one and should have, let me know. My brain is officially mush after two kids!)

Second announcement: We are blessing Jolie on May 2nd*. That's right. Soon. We are not sending out official invites to this; we'd just like you all to come. Family and friends... please join us. Enemies, well- you're not welcome. :) I'll probably make a few phone calls, but YOU (that's right, you) are invited!

We'll be doing a luncheon afterward at our (Julie's) house, but I haven't figured out all of that yet. I'm thinking we'll grill up something and eat in the backyard. Maybe hotdogs? Maybe Sanpete Turkey? Not sure. If any of you have suggestions for this (or would want to bring a side) please let me know. I suppose I should have an approximate RSVP count for this, if I'm buying/making food... so probably let me know if you're coming. We'll see you then!

PS. Isn't that Jolie just the most gorgeous little thing you've ever seen?? I know I'm partial, but MAN- she's pretty! :) Oh, and if you want amazing photos like the one above, contact our photographer. She's pretty great, too!

*For location and time info, please call/email/you know- contact. I'd rather not divulge all that on the blog.


Stephanie said...

That is such a cute announcement. What a DOLL!

bart said...

Wish we could be there for the blessing, and also meet her in person. We appreciate the photos, though!

BiggsFamily said...

Ha ha I love it, enemies, well-your not welcome. ha ha that made me laugh out loud. Thanks! And yes she is adorable!! We were so lucky to get to see her, and meet James, so much fun!! I felt so bad leaving as he was saying, no don't leave friends :(!! We will have to come back SOON!!

katie said...

She IS beautiful. Just like her mother!

echolsfamily said...

Love her birth announcement. She's a beauty :)