Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sibling Giggles

I could watch this video everyday, and it would still make me laugh. So could James. Really, it's just that funny.

PS#1. This was going on during dinner last week (hm- a couple of weeks ago, maybe... on the 1st). It was absolutely unprompted and unsolicited. It was, however, encouraged- as I ran to grab the camera as quickly as I could.

PS#2. A bit of James-anese translation:
1. Towards the beginning, after my request to make his sister laugh again- "I'm almost done wiff my sammich."
2. In the end, amid giggles- "Wha-did me DOed?" (pronounced "dude," meaning past of "do"... lol)

I love, love, love how much they love each other.


Johanna said..., so cute!

Matt and Vicki said...

That is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Absolutely ADORABLE! I'm jealous that Matt got to see you guys a few weeks ago. When is my turn?

Matt and Vicki said...

P.S. When I showed this to Matt, Matson begin laughing in the background. Apparently laughing is contagious among kids! Thanks for sharing.

bart said...

Cute! I'm glad they like each other (at least for now ;-).

Also, is that a sneak peek at the kitchen in your new place?

Richelle said...

Jolie's laugh is sooo sweet! There is nothing better than a baby's laugh. My kids made me play it three times. They thought it was their other cousins, Jasper and Gracie. I guess they need to come visit you guys so they can keep all their cousins straight. They've never met Jolie or Gracie, so it's hard to tell them apart.

tori and nelson said...

how cute!!! i can't wait to hear Ryan laugh like that! i'm jealous! jolie (and james) are super adorable! by the way--your house is cute! i like it!! love you guys!

Amanda said...

Such a cute video. Nothing is better than babies laughing. Let's get together at a park sometime and let our crazy boys entertain each other.

Nicole said...

That video is hilarious!! So glad Jolie uses the little bouncer chair, too.