Friday, July 30, 2010

family date

Last week our little family of four went on a date. We wanted to do something festive, something that felt very much like summer. And more than anything, we wanted to have some fun as a family. So we packed up the kids, smuggled some Micky D's in the diaper bag (we're bad people), and hit up a matinée.

We ate our hamburgers while the previews played. Then we watched "Despicable Me." The kids were totally engrossed by it. (Sadly, this includes Jolie. She couldn't take her eyes off the screen- granted, it's an entire wall wide. Still, I felt a teensy bit guilty... ) We adults thought it was pretty great, too. It's funny. Go see it. Anyway, it was fun. Both kids were totally well behaved and absolutely darling. James would get "scared" when the movie was particularly loud, but I think partly he just wanted to hold me. :) Luckily, Daddy doesn't mind snuggling with his little girl, so it all worked out all right.

After the movie, we went to Casper's Malt Shoppe for ice cream. James got pink. We weren't entirely surprised. (He really is a total boy in lots of ways, and/so we're not in any way concerned about this... but his favorite color is currently pink. I can't bring myself to tell him that it's not such a macho choice. We'll clue him into all that in good time.) It was a blast. James was thrilled with the whole experience.

We all had such a wonderful day together. Thank you, Derek, for working so hard so that we can not only live and pay bills but also splurge on fun family dates. And thank you, too, for the fab idea of this date! (It was totally his plan; he's way more fun than I am.) I love that we all are friends. Sure, we parent first and befriend second. And granted, our kiddos are tiny. But I think we'll be alright in the end... that we'll be buddies when all is said and done. And that's a happy thought for sure.

Here are some pictures from our date.

(Jolie wasn't really scared, just looks it. May have been the flash.)

Mmm. I love these guys. Once again, I'm glad they're mine.
Here's to many more happy memories... and lots more family dates!


Adam and Aubrey said...

I love your group date! You are better than I am, we smuggle sugar filled candy in. Not McD's. I'll strive to be more like you.

Nicole said...

That's so adorable, especially that picture of you and Jolie at the end. James looks like a miniature Derek with your eyes. What a fun date!

Johanna Markworth said...

Fun family date! Love that!

katie said...

That must be an Anderson thing--once we smuggled in not one, but TWO large styrofoam boxes of barbecue. We ate to our hearts content and haven't looked back since. It's one of the reasons I have a large purse.

paulak said...

Wow, they are growing up so fast. Cute family