Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mommy + 2 Teenie Weenies + Travel = Interesting (to say the least)

So it seems that Santa DID get the memo about our spending Christmas in New Mexico. In fact, he even met us at the airport so that we'd feel entirely reassured! :) Check it:
Well, we survived the flight (though only just- ugh) and are currently safe and moderately sound in the Land of Enchantment. We've enjoyed our time here so far, though we miss our "daddy" quite a lot.

Because I'm too lazy to post more of our time here thus far, I'll just leave you with a few more pictures of our probably-as-good-as-it-gets-but-still-fairly-sucky day of travel. ;)

Here are my sweet kiddos in Phoenix.
Jolie finally decided to nap during our layover- all 20 minutes of it!
And please disregard the coat- it was WARM!
Also in Phoenix- with the pilot!! Pretty sweet, huh?
PS. This was the smallest airplane I've ever been on-
and the hottest, ugh. That poor pilot must have just died!
James and Jolie - This is how we felt initially about flying.
James and Jolie again - Jolie's demonstrating how we felt
about flying by the time we were done.
Nah, it really wasn't a bad trip. Just exhausting. I had thought Jolie would sleep most of the time, but instead she stayed wide awake and grabbed at everything (and anyone) in sight. Not naughty, really, just a lot of work. James was a really good boy, super helpful and very obedient. I never worried that he'd run off and/or get kidnapped. And people (employees and civilians alike) were very sweet to us- understanding, helpful, and complimentary (seriously- I know my kids are beautiful, but it sure is fun to hear them admired so much by strangers).

There's something about flying alone with kids that restores your faith in humanity. If you're feeling up to it, I'd say it just might be worth the exhaustion. :)


Johanna Markworth said...

Love those pics! Hope you have a great holiday. We will miss you on Friday!

Adam and Aubrey said...

Oh friend. Dear friend. I miss you. And I fear I'm failing at being neighborly to your hub.... I'll start now... I'm glad you all survived the plane. I was thinking of you! I am so JEALOUS of all the pictures you got though! Santa at the airport?! FREAK! That guy gets around! And the pilot and James?! WHAT?! To die for! LOVE it! Poor wittle Jolie. Sad wittle face. poor girly. Must say, love the yellow shirt and shoes... smokin! Come home safe!

Richelle said...

Now we know how Santa gets around when he doesn't use his sleigh. Glad you got there with everyone in one piece.

Mindy said...

I second Aubrey. We miss you! Claire just said today "I see James again soon? I love James. James is SO nice". We have been keeping tabs on Derek WOW style. Don't worry, he is getting lots of gaming time in. Good job with the flying solo, you brave girl. I hope you all have a boat-load of fun with your family and get home safe. We will miss you on Friday!

bart said...

Flying with two kids sounds really hard. Almost as hard as flying with Katie! (She told me to write that.)

Bec said...

Bart, I wish I could "like" your comment like in Facebook. I guess my saying that is about the equivalent. :) Silly Katie!

Can't wait to see ALL of you... SOON!