Friday, October 14, 2011

My Busy, Busy Bug!

This post is late. Like over a month late. But better late than never, right? :)

This fall James started PRESCHOOL! He did preschool last year with me- kind of a Joyschool sort of thing, where there were five kids and five moms. Each mom taught in rotation, hosting the kids at our respective houses. It was spectacular fun, and very beneficial for James. But this year, we knew we needed to "up" it a bit.

He now goes AWAY from me to learn (bitter-sweet). Twice a week. For a couple of hours each time.

His school is called "Busy Bugs Preschool," and his teacher this fall is named Suzie. We love her. She's great. She's super cute, energetic, and amazingly patient. Earlier this week, I got a call from her during school to tell me James had thrown up. (!!) He didn't seem sick, but he needed a change of clothes at very least. I dropped Jolie off at Aubrey's (Thank you, Aub!) and went to Teacher Suzie's house to take James some clean clothes. I decided to stay and assess the situation, to determine whether he needed to come home. I ended up staying the rest of the time, and let me tell you: Suzie has way more patience than I do and a much higher tolerance for chaos as well! Ten crazy kiddos in one confined space? Heaven help me. But it was great to see her with the kids, and very fun to see James learning and interacting with his new friends.

We are loving preschool so far and are excited to see how the rest of the year plays out!

Hooray for learning. It's a magical thing.

James all ready for school, wearing his
new skeleton shirt from Grandma Polly!

An apple for the teacher. :)
James and Teacher Suzie

Jolie was a bit lost and distraught
after we dropped James off. :(

Meh, she'll live. :)

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Adam and Aubrey said...

You are a genius to get a pic with him and his teacher. So cute.

Jolie is adorable. Love her.