Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Talk and Tell

James is in preschool this year, like actual preschool. Last year, a group of neighborhood moms and I rotated our kids through a make-shift preschool. It was great, very educational (at least for the moms!) and great for the kids' age level. But this year we enrolled him in an actual preschool. And it's been great (for the most part).

One of my favorite things has been their Talk and Tell. It's a notebook with the kid's name on it (they each have their own), and when it's their turn they take the book home, talk about anything and everything, and their parent acts as scribe. Then the kid brings the notebook back to school, and the teacher reads their "story" to the class. It's been wonderful to "see" the inner-workings of my little kid's brain, if nothing else. It's been fun.

This what his Talk and Tell consisted of tonight, including my preface/disclaimer to the teacher:


Note: James did his Talk and Tell with his daddy (Derek) this time, while I (Becca) was at work. It's really cute. I told Derek he could just write in on a regular piece of paper and I'd copy it into his (sorry- James') book if it was preferable. He did. Here is the copy. :)


Write what day it is. I have a rocket ship, but it's really a space shuttle. I've got a monster truck... too. Why did you do those dots? You know, that pen is not very good at dots but a black pen is greater. Don't you have a black pen? Hey, a black pen is even better.

I've got a helicopter. Jolie got a Little People toy. Um... Now you think of something. We had a movie brownie party last night.

Daddy, you gotta make sure when Momma gets home you show her so she can write in my book. Why couldn't you write movie brownie party? (Derek: "I did.") I love brownies.

I like to play with my toys. Hey watch me, Dad. That's pretty cool, huh? (Pulling himself up onto the table... awesome feat of strength, obviously.) Jolie's got a baby... a new baby, and she's got a baby stroller. I've got lots of cars.

Once upon a time, there was a Darth Vader, and he lived in a scary house. One day, his friend came over and his robot friend. And he said, "Hi, friends!" The end. It's the, I'm gonna, it's the end for the story.

Can I talk about Halloween?

Halloween is really fun.

Jolie's got, for Jolie's birthday she got some make up toys.

The End.


Isn't that hilarious?? I thought it was. I seriously am quite fond of that kid! Funny, funny. 'Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.



bart said...

That is awesome! How often do they do this Talk and Tell -- I want to read them all.

Bec said...

Bart- they each have a turn about once a month, so he has some since about October. They're pretty fun, and priceless really.

K S & R said...

I enjoyed your blog, and also the push it gave me to finally get on My blog after many months... maybe I'll finally update ;) Cute pics and funny words! That's what I call a great update! :)