Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Baby

I texted the following to Derek (he was already at work; ugh, I know) at 6:47 this morning:

I just woke up to our little girl screaming DESPERATELY, "My baby! My baby! Peease! My baaaaaby!" I went in there, and she was up and out of bed and very desperately then firmly told me, "My baby! Light ON!" Apparently she had lost Baby....(insert sympathy-smile-while-internally-laughing-a-little-at-her-imtense-motherly-desperation-over-a-doll here). I promptly obeyed and flipped on the lights. Baby was in her bed. Jolie's whole body slumped with relief. She climbed into bed and grabbed that baby with a death grip. Then I covered her up, rubbed her back, told her I love her, and went out. Oh man! Gotta love that sweet, sweet little girl... :)

Note: These pictures of Jolie with her baby (named "Baby") were taken yesterday morning while we were snuggling in my bed. She's pretty cute, huh? Yeah... I kinda love her.


bart said...

What a good mom!
Both of you ;-)

Amanda said...

Darling. And she went back to sleep after that? What a miracle!

katie said...

What a cute baby--Jolie and her baby!

Li said...

So cute! :) I can't wait for Ellie to love dollies.