Saturday, December 1, 2012


I am so thankful for my life, for my family and for all of my many, many blessings.  I have a good life.  I live in a peaceful, safe, happy place.  I have a warm home to live in and plenty of healthy food to eat.  I have a seemingly unlimited supply of clean water to drink.  I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life, the Priesthood and the many blessings available to me through that, temples and the covenants made there, the Holy Ghost as my companion, and a family that has been sealed for eternity.  I am especially thankful for eternity as this month I have lost a couple of people I love.  I have friends that love me and entertain me and support me, a job that I  genuinely love, and money and means to take care of our family and myself.  I have a good life.  I do.  This Thanksgiving season, I am especially thankful.

One of the apps on my phone that I enjoy fooling around with is Instagram.  Mostly, I enjoy the sneak peeks into my friends' and family's lives and the interaction I have with them through this medium.  In June, I participated in a Photo a Day June challenge on Instagram, and it was really fun to have an excuse to take at least one photo a day for the entire month, and to see others' photos that they took.  This month, I decided to do something similar: a personal challenge, I suppose, that I called "Thankvember."  These are the photos (as well as the commentary) that were included.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

Day 26

Day 27

Day 28

Day 29

Day 30

Thankvember Day 1: I'm thankful that today is warm, enough so that I can air out my house after going crazy with a new room spray!

Thankvember Day 2: I'm thankful that we live nearby (some) family... so we can play with darling little cuties like this one!

Thankvember Day 3: I am thankful for [Brittney Pack] and a spectacularly fun girls' night out! Woooo! ;)

Thankvember Day 4: Thankful for the chaos... it means I have two beautiful, healthy, energetic children in the house.

Thankvember Day 5: I'm thankful for the education/awareness/knowledge I have regarding health and nutrition, and the tools/resources/support I have that help me implement said knowledge into my life.

Thankvember Day 6: I'm so thankful for children with correctly formed, intelligent minds.  It's amazing to see James absorb so much knowledge and develop so many skills.  Kindergarten is awesome!

Thankvember Day 7: I'm thankful for a good, hard run.  And for beautiful fall weather that makes it pleasant!

Thankvember Day 8: I'm thankful for my children's friendships.

Thankvember Day 9: Today I'm especially thankful for a warm home.

Thankvember Day 10: Thankful for the awesome and often hilarious men in my life. :D

Thankvember Day 11: I'm thankful for the ever-rare (and now nonexistent, ha) excess money that allows us to buy fun and frivolous things.

Thankvember Day 12: I'm so thankful for the amazing father of my children.  There's no one I'd rather go through the rest of my crazy life with.

Thankvember Day 13: I'm thankful for the energy and motivation that resulted in a nice, clean house!

Thankvember Day 14: I'm so grateful for the abundance that we have.  That I can feed my family, and that I can provide healthy, delicious meals.

Thankvember Day 15: I'm thankful for my job.  For the money of it for sure, but more so for the amazing and inspiring people that come into my life because of it!

Thankvember Day 16: Thankful for wonderful little boys who will someday be amazing men.  You're welcome, world.

Thankvember Day 17: Sooo thankful for a husband who let me sleep in and cleaned my house while I slept!! Sorry, ladies, but my husband is more amazing than yours! ;)

Thankvember Day 18: So, so thankful for the Book of Mormon and the inspiration, comfort, and guidance that I find within its pages.

Thankvember Day 19: Thankful for late night snacks... and that my metabolism hasn't entirely crashed and burned just yet. :)

Thankvember Day 20: I'm so thankful that I'm able to be a Stay at Home Mom.  Especially on days like this when one or both of my kids needs extra attention from mommy.  I'm glad I've got it to give to them.

Thankvember Day 21: I'm thankful for the incredible power of imagination!

Thankvember Day 22: Thankful for good traditions, even the small ones.

Thankvember Day 23: Thankful for family movie night(s)!

Thankvember Day 24: Thankful that my in-laws are not my outlaws! So many people can't stand their in-laws, but I really quite love mine!

Thankvember Day 25: So thankful that I "chose wisely" a husband who loves God and the Gospel and honors his Priesthood and church responsibilities.

Thankvember Day 26: Lousy picture demonstration, but I'm thankful for modern medicine and the quality (and quantity) of life it allows me and so many others.

Thankvember Day 27: Thankful that my potty trainee is cooperative... today.

Thankvember Day 28: I am thankful for good books.

Thankvember Day 29: Thankful for quality entertainment.

Thankvember Day 30: There's not much better than a cozy evening at home as a family.  I'm thankful that this evening was one of them.  It was much needed and much appreciated.

And because the whole reason for thinking such thankful thoughts was Thanksgiving (say that five times fast), here are a couple of pictures of my darling kidlets on Thanksgiving.  My gosh, I love these two.


Happy Thanksgiving!!  I hope your November was as wonderful and filled with thanks as mine was!  Love you all.  xo


Missy W. said...

Love your photos. There is so much to be thankful for, and it was great to be reminded of it!

Cassie said...

So neat Becca!!! I'm impressed! And adorable thanksgiving pictures of your kiddos! So precious!

Li said...

Good for you for sticking with it! A daily project is hard. It was fun to see these every day on Instagram.

Destiny Rodriquez said...

You are super momma!!

Jamie Younker said...

I love this!!! What fun pictures and a great way to count your blessings. I am inspired to do something similar! And I have GOT to start using Instagram. I mean seriously I think I am the only person left who doesn't. :)