Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Easter 2013

This Easter was lots of fun.  The day before, we headed out to Julie's for our annual Easter shin-dig.  It was great.  Perfect weather, nothing stressful, lots of great activities.  We dyed eggs, hid candy-filled eggs, let the kids go on an egg hunt, and ate a delicious lunch and an even more delicious dinner out on the deck.  Lovely, lovely weather.  Shawn and Mindy were on a camping trip and couldn't make it, so it was just Jon and Ashley and Elli, Linda (Jon's mom), Marilyn (my mom), Julie (Derek's mom, ha) and us. It was pretty fun having so many grandmas to dote on our babies.

On actual Easter day, we all got dressed up in our beautiful Easter clothes.  I had made a skirt for Jolie and ties for the boys, along with a coordinating flower broach for me.  We looked pretty darling, if I do say so myself.  While we were at church, the Easter Bunny came to our house!  It's pretty convenient that way; it ensures that we make it to church without grumbling about it.  Also, funny tidbit- the kids are convinced that Grandma Bunny is the Easter Bunny.  Hence, the Easter Bunny is a she around here- and quite beloved.  Anyway, when we got home from church, the kids hunted our previously-dyed eggs that had been hidden around the front yard.  Then we took a few family pictures (thank you, Grandma Marilyn, for being such a great photographer).  And then the children came  inside to find the sweet basket of goodies the Easter Bunny had left.

It was a fun weekend.  We had a great time. After the death-filled year we seemed to have had, it was wonderful to have an excuse to ponder the beauty of resurrection and the fact that we will see our loved ones again after this life.  Such a beautiful truth.  Such a beautiful holiday.




Happy Easter!


JuanFord said...

Who is this Eli, and what was he doing there? I don't remember him.

Bec said...

Oops! Fixed it. :)

Missy W. said...

love your coordinating Easter clothes. So cute!