Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween '09

Happy Halloweeeeeen! :) Well, a little bit ago, anyway.

This year's Halloween was really great for us. Derek surprised us by getting (and asking to get - a few weeks in advance) Halloween off of work, so he could go trick-or-treating with James. Pretty awesome. He's a good daddy. Anyway, it wasn't James' first Halloween experience. Nor was it his first time trick-or-treating. But it was the first year that he really got the concept, so it was the best year yet for sure!

We had a busy day on Halloween. First, we got up early (well- got ready early) and went to a breakfast/brunch birthday party of our buddy's. It was really great to get together with friends over good food and with fantastic fall weather. For some reason it really, REALLY got me excited for the holidays. Maybe because holidays are when you hang out with friends/families that early in the day. I don't know. But it was fun. And festive. And fun. ;)

After that, we went grocery shopping... which was hell. James was demonic, and I was at my wit's end. Screw Halloween! Luckily, though, the shopping ended and nap-time started. Hooray. We all got a little rest and were therefore friends again in just a few hours.

During nap-time, I made our costumes (Derek's and mine). James was going to be a dragon, so we dubbed him "Trogdor" and decided we would be "burninated peasants." What? You're confused?? Well then check out the video below. If it is too slow or faulty for some reason, go to the original website to check it out:

Once James was awake, we three got dressed up and ready to go... Trick-or-treating, here we come!!!

Here we are, all dressed up! Happy Halloween!!!

We often (aka: always, so far) go to Shawn & Mindy's
and trick-or-treat with them and their kids. This year
was no exception. The only difference was that we
brought friends! Here are some of the tricksters:
Sydney (cousin), James (ours), Evan & Asher (buddies).
These are our friends (Evan & Asher's parents), Ben & Li.
Li... aka: kitty (cat woman?). Isn't she cute??
This was the best part of trick-or-treating
for James... the "scary" monkey who later
became the "nice" monkey, after he gave us
candy, of course! The kids were so freaked out.
Trick-or-treating in action. Check out those spiders. Eek!
Daddy and James
Mommy, James and the ghost
(that actually quite frightened James)
We had lots of fun trick-or-treating. James was adorable. He does a very convincing "roar!" He was adored by many, and rewarded with lots of yummy candy. He is just so enthusiastic! His punctuation-of-choice is the exclamation point, for sure. "Trick-or-treat!" "Wow! Tanks a-yot!" "Happy Howaween!" "Da'ss great!" etc. He loved trick-or-treating. We loved to watch him. He was a pokey little dragon, though, taking way longer to get to the houses than anyone else. It was cute to see him toddling along with his little tail behind him.

Oh, funny side-note: the first few houses we went to were especially humorous. The kids would knock at the door. The owner would open it. James would walk right in. :) It's what we normally do. Why should Halloween be any different?? :) Eventually, he figured out that we only need to stand on the porch to get the treats. Silly boy.

And to continue my over-detailed and journalish report... after trick or treating, we (our little fam) went back into town and attended a Halloween party with some of our (adult) friends. James came, too, and was the center of much attention, being the only kid. It's the way he likes it. It was well past bedtime when we left, but James had been totally well-behaved and cute the whole time. I suppose he got the fit-throwing out of his system earlier in the day. It was nice to have our sweet little James to show off. :) I'm not gonna lie. He's a trophy son. lol.

And THEN (aren't you glad you've read so far?) we came home, put James to bed and watched "V for Vendetta" with Kurt and Bonnie. (That's as scary as movies get for me. I don't do scary.) And then- when it was way too late and we were all in sugar-induced comas, we nodded off to sleep.

Ah... Halloween.


Li said...

Glad you guys had so much fun. We did, too!

P.S. You should have told me my ears were crooked. :)

Richelle said...

Very cute costumes! It's good you linked the trogdor clip, or I wouldn't have understood your costumes. Except after I watched that clip, I clicked on a Salad Fingers clip, and now I'm really scared. He's scary!

katie said...

I love your little dragon! Can't wait to see him in person in a few (6 weeks).

Mindy said...

Yay for Halloween! We had fun with you guys. And I LOVED your costumes. So cute (James) and so clever (you and D). We need to hang out again soon! I promise to not be so grouchy. Hey, that gives me and idea for my costume for next year. . .

Xanostyle said...

I'm so impressed with your creativity, Becca. Those costumes are adorable. My kids were even worse with the whole walk-in thing, because we were down by my parent's house, and went to my sister's trunk or treat, and then went to a whole bunch of relative's houses to Trick or treat, meaning they all wanted to go in and get settled at ever house. And we went with my brother and 2 sister's families, meaning we had 8 kids under about 6 with us. It was totally Darth Vader, Batgirl, Cinderella, cow etc. wrangling for about 3 hours. But they had fun, and I get to eat their good candy, so it's worth it, right?