Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pumpkin Walk '09

This year we continued our little family tradition by going to the local Pumpkin Walk. It may be because I am still new-ish to the area, or it may be just because the whole concept is too clever not to love, but I LOVE THE PUMPKIN WALK! I really do. It's so festive. The displays are so danged creative. And it's the perfect depiction of the non-scary-and-family-friendly Halloween I love. Anyway, if you're ever in this neck of the woods come Halloween time, check it out. It's pretty great.

Here are some pictures of our happy little family at the Pumpkin Walk. I'll add a few comments, because we all know you're not smart enough to figure the pictures out on your own. (wink)

Happy Anderson family -- all (almost-) 4 of us!
The love(s) of my life. Notice how excited James looks.
He loves the Pumpkin Walk, too, apparently.
J's little friend Giddeon, James
and myself "walking" the Walk.
Our own little Wild Thing
My favorite display- Keebler Elves

James is standing here saying, "Yook! James n' Momma!"
Apparently Derek is an afterthought here. :)
Another fav. display... and my absolute favorite son!
(I love that I can say that... hooray for one of each!)
Love this guy. And so will the ladies- what a stud!
Playing peek-a-boo around the tree. Cuties.
We had so much fun, and I hope you did too... seeing these adorable pics. :) Seriously, though, come visit us next October. You'll be in for a treat!


katie said...
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katie said...

First, James' expression is seriously adorable in the Wild Thing picture.

Second, Becca, do you really think you are still "new-ish" to Logan? I haven't lived anywhere longer than 5 years. I guess that gives Bart about 9 months to finish up or we'll have a new record!

bart said...

I, too, loved the Wild Thing picture!

Anderson said...

I suppose I am just new-er than Derek, who's lived here nearly 30 years (yikes, he's old). The Anderson fam's been going to the Pumpkin Walk since they were wee things. In comparison, I'm pretty new.

But... due to your comment and my proceeding thought process... I realized I have lived in Logan longer than I have lived ANYWHERE! Ever! Holy crap. I'm a local.

Richelle said...

Thanks for putting up some pictures of the Pumpkin Walk and your cute family! It's so much fun to see what people come up with every year to make out of pumpkins. I haven't been to it for...about 9 years I guess.

katie said...

Ha ha! You're a local! Don't worry, the term "local" is better than the term "townie."

Li said...

Looks like fun!! Wish we could have made it, but that was our sick weekend. I love the wild things pic of James, too. So adorable! :)

And I have to laugh about the local thing. :) Ben and I haven't lived anywhere for more than 3 1/2 years. I guess it won't take us much longer to be "locals".

Brittney said...

I am so sad we missed it! I miss that and all of our pumpkin festivities! Looks like you had fun, and that Keebler elf display looked so cute! Man I missed out on a cute year.
Btw I love James smile!

tori and nelson said...

i wish safford had a pumpkin walk! utards are so creative...that would be so fun! i'm jealous! and you guys look so cute! i especially love the pregnant belly. i'll have to show you mine soon i guess. :) james is adorable as always...he looks so grown up now. i miss you guys!

Missy W. said...

I'm sad I missed it this year. It is such a cool tradition