Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LABOR Day (aka: Jolie's BIRTHday)

Wow. It's been 11 days since my little Jolie was born. Where has the time gone? I can honestly say the past week and a half has been a blur. Sleep deprivation, hormonal imbalance, craziness we now call "life with two kids"... not sure what the culprit is, really, but wow- what a ride!

Finally, however, I have a story to tell (and even better- pictures to share). Here ya go.

We called the hospital at 6am (possibly 5:58am... impatiently speaking) on Saturday, February 13th. They asked if we could come be there by 7:15am. We said, "heck yes!" I showered, did my make-up, shaved my legs (as much as possible; you have to remember the huge mass I had inside of me), packed our bags (and/or supervised as Derek did) and drove the whole three minutes it takes to get there.

Here's the "before" picture at the hospital, prior to IV or anything.
Notice the massive bulge I called a stomach...
keep it in mind for the next time you see me.
Then possibly you'll think I look less pregnant now! :)

We got to the hospital and got checked in. The paperwork and question-answering took a while, and I didn't even get an IV and Pitocin until around 8:45am-ish. I was already contracting and dilated to a 3, so they didn't have to fully induce me- just get me going on harder, more efficient contractions. By 10:30-ish, I gave them the go-ahead on the epidural. I wasn't really hurting too badly, but the nurse was pretty convincing when she mentioned that if I dilated too quickly it'd be too late. I kept saying, "well they're not making me cry or anything." She mentioned that they didn't want me to cry at all-- and that sooner was better than later. The epidural request wasn't a minute too soon. By the time the anesthesiologist showed up, the contractions were pretty strong and pretty painful.

The anesthesiologist did a great job... I don't think he was incompetent at all. But he was grinding the needle against my spine. And holy OW! It hurt. A lot. I cried. This was the most painful part of the labor experience. My contractions were really, really painful- making me cry. And holding still through them (balled up- for the epidural administration) while having a needle battle my bones was hard. I didn't swear or scream or say, "You did this to me!" I wept. As loud as I am in regular life, in labor- I tend to weep.

Once the epidural kicked in, life was MUCH better! With James, my epidural had left me feeling paralyzed from the waist down (minus one critical part of my stomach- ow), but this time I could feel and even move my legs and feet- just not with super great coordination. I could feel pressure, but not really pain. It was nice. I actually felt the urge to push like everyone talks about... not just the urge to die like before.

I got my epidural around 10:30-11am. At about noon-ish, they checked me and... dun du du DUN... I was ready!

Wha??? I had expected a baby by dinner, not by lunchtime. This labor was much faster than my last one. By 12:30ish, Dr. Fxx was there (and none too soon... I swear {so sorry for the icky description} I was "prairie-doggin it"). About 5-6 intense-but-fairly-painless pushes (and a bit of snipping and ripping) later, our little Jolie Elizabeth was born.


Here is Daddy admiring (and showing off) his little one.
Mother and daughter- meeting each other "officially"
Skin to skin (sorry for the nudity)
Jolie's first bath
Isn't she beautiful?
James seeing "sister" for the first time... mwah!
Meeting Jolie- a video
The greatest treasures of my life... really, how I love these three.
Going home. (Please focus on her double chin, not mine...
or, you know, on that handsome hubby of mine.)
A welcome-home hug for sister (looks comfy, doesn't it?)
We're so, so happy to have this little one home with us. I still have to hold her a ton. I think I have separation anxiety if she's not in my arms. I mean, hey- she was in my tummy for a LONG time! We're a pair, you know? James has done really well with her and hasn't shown any resentment at all - which is a beautiful thing. He really loves her and adores her, and it's touching to see. We're all very happy that she's here at last. Happy BIRTHday, Jolie!


Missy W. said...

Thanks you for finally posting more photos! See ya tomorrow!
Just kidding, I have some hope that you will be at book club, but I don't expect it.

Adam and Aubrey said...

Holy crap. I swear you just wrote out my birthing experience with Kainoa! Seriously, almost EXACT same. Although my epidural was amazing compared to Kona. So about your prairie dog...(yes, I am going there), with Kainoa I totally felt like (seriously tmi, but you know how I love to overshare) I had pooped, and half the log was on the table and the other half was still inside. No joke. Disgusting, but hey, there was no log, it was my babechild. So I guess that makes it less disgusting.

Anyhow. She's gorgeous. And I really really really want to come see her! But I swear, one of us is sick at all times (can this season be over yet?!). But when we're healthy, watch out. I'll be bangin down your door.

Richelle said...

That is one pretty baby you have! I'm glad you put some more pictures up with her and James together. They look like they're going to be good friends. So fun!

Mindy said...

Becca! She is so sweet and beautiful. I can't wait to see her again. And you too for that matter. Is is okay to call you? I always worry you are taking a nap. Maybe I will give you a ring and see if we can come for a (short) visit on Sunday. Love you all much!

katie said...

Hooray! It looks like you are having a fantastic time getting to know her and I'm glad that the labor was better. (Although it still sounds NOT fun to me!) Wish we could see you guys sooner. I love the pics!

bart said...

I think those pictures of Derek -- smiling as he holds up Jolie, washing her, helping James hold her -- are so endearing! Usually people just show pictures of the mom and baby, but I loved seeing daddy with his girl, too.

Really, all the pictures -- mom, Jolie, James, Derek -- are fantastic. Thanks for sharing so many!

I can't say it enough -- we are so happy and excited for you. Congratulations!!

Brittney said...

YAY!!!!! for pictures! SHE IS SOOO BEAUTIFUL! And I am really not just saying it, she is a beautiful newborn. And you don't see a beautiful newborn very often. I loved all the pictures, but let me comment on my fav's- the one with Derek and Jolie where he is holding her up is so tender, he is just beaming and I love it! The one with Derek, James, and Jolie is soooo sweet! For some reason that picture looks so peaceful. I love it! And the pic where you are holding Jolie and it looks like you are talking to her, I love that one!!

I cannot wait to see her! She is beautiful and I am in love already!

MOM G. said...

You all look so happy. She is darling. Loved your novel. You have quite a way of telling a story Becca. I love reading them. Congrats again.

echolsfamily said...

She's beautiful Becca. There is nothing sweeter than a newborn. Derek looks giddy in the picture of him holding Jolie up--I love it! And you look great (I can't believe she was so big!). James is going to be a great big brother; I love the welcome home hug :) Hope you are getting some sleep and will adjust easily to "life with 2". Did your mom already go up there?

BiggsFamily said...

YAY!! She is just so beautiful, like her mom!!! Glad things went fast for you! I just unzip my zpiier and they pull mine out, so Good job cause whoa what a big little girl you have there!! Totally enjoy these moments and get some sleep in there also!! Love ya much and so happy for you!!

~ROBIN~ said...

Congrats!! She is way cute!!!! You are going to LOVE having a little girl!!

Nicole said...

So wonderful, Becca! I'm so happy for you, and she looks beautiful. You are quite the family now, aren't you?

Li said...

Congrats again!! She's totally sweet and adorable! I love that pic of Derek and the kids... so precious. :)

hatch family said...

Congrats Becca! I'm glad to hear that it gets easier on the next one. I don't want a long hard labor again, or i won't be having much. Glad to hear everyones healthy and happy! She's BEAUTIFUL!! And so are you!