Thursday, September 23, 2010

Charades... or not.

James wanted to play a game the other day, so I broke out the Memory game we got him for Christmas. He did pretty well- much better than the last time we played (ie. months ago... I'm really not a very fun mom)! Anyway, once we had done a few games of regular ol' Memory, James wanted to change things up. I decided to try our hands (does that work in the plural?) at Charades. James loved it! Here is a lil' video demonstrating his mad-awesome skills.

{Just kidding. It's too big, apparently... lame.}

Hm. Well, there are more videos I've been wanting to share as well. I'll try and toss those puppies up here, too. One is of James playing the uber-cool harmonica. Look out, Hollywood! The other is of Jolie showing that white girls can jump. And the final/third one is of James and his buddy Kona and... well, just watch. :)

Also, I'll throw in an adorable picture of our Jolie-- for Aunt Dena & Co. {Thank you for the sweet dress, you guys! She loves it... or loves eating it, anyway! :) It is such a pretty one and fits her perfectly! Oh, and don't judge us for the wrinkles; I'm pretty sure this is post-nap.}



bart said...

Listen carefully -- I'm quite certain that James plays a refrain from "Primary children sang as they walked"!

katie said...

Cute! Can't wait to see you guys in just a few weeks.

Missy W. said...

we ALL appreciate the adorable photos of Jolie!

Brittney said...

Ok so super cute picture of Jolie first of all! She looks like she is posing! So adorable! And loved the videos I am super impressed with James and his harmonica skills! How did you even think to let him try it? That is seriously awesome! And that video of James and Kona on the bike is hilarious!!!!!! So funny he got tired of being on the back, and Kona's reaction is way funny! Micah and I wanted to add captions!