Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter 2011!

This Easter I decided to get my craft on and make us some fancy Easter clothes. The skirts were super easy, and I got to break in my "new" serger (love that thing- thanks, mom!). The ties were a bit of a different story. They turned out... well, small. Maybe I printed the patterns not-to-scale, maybe the patterns were not so bueno, or maybe my men are just long torso-ed. Either way, James' original tie got tossed, and Derek's became James' (cutting out only like 2-3 inches of material- ha). So Derek didn't actually get any new clothes for Easter, but he promised me he didn't mind (and quite frankly was probably relieved... PS he did get a new video game to make up for his loss, lol). It was fun getting us all dolled up and coordinating. Nothin' like a matchy family to make a holiday complete! ;)

Here are some fun pics- courtesy of the fabulous Aubrey S. of {be} posh photography. Thanks, Aub.

*Note: Obviously the Brown One isn't one of ours... she's just our hottie neighbor/friend! ;)


Adam and Aubrey said...

...the Brown One... Awesome. haha.

Yay for crafting! yay for staying up til 4 am, 3am, and midnight?! hahaha. Didn't know I had it in me to stay up so late. What's next on our crafting list?!

loving Jolie's bling!

ps, did I mention you are a crafting master?

Richelle said...

Sun and green grass and matching Easter clothes! Even better that you made them yourself. Looks like you had a super fun Easter.

Morgan said...

Awww! Love them! My favorite is the one where Jolie is leaning across Derek to hug you - so cute!!!

I'm so jealous of your craftiness. You go girl.

Mindy said...

So, so cute! You are awesome, miss seamstress. Is it not so much fun to be matchy matchy with your little girl? Hee Hee. And I love the pictures. You and Aubrey make me laugh. Now no more staying up all night!. . . without me. :)

bart said...

Cute dresses! Nice tie! Love James's smile!

Brittney said...

hahaha Brown one! Bahahaha!!! And you two seriously can't be friends! So ticked that I am not in the picture. Ugh!

But you do look cute and I love your skirts/ and ties you guys did a way good job!

katie said...

Your family is so adorable and I can't believe how big Jolie is getting! Makes me sad that we are missing out. Tell her to stop :)

Jamie Younker said...

The Brown One... LoL.
I envy your knack with a sewing machine. I'm scared to death of the things! Also- Jolie wearing all the cute necklaces.... too cute for words.