Thursday, December 8, 2011


My house is quiet, except for the occasional clink-clink-clink of LEGOs coming from the back room. My kids are playing together. And I'm enjoying some marvelously peaceful alone time.

I ostracized them to the back room. I told them they were to play in either James' or Jolie's room, and I counted to five. I'm a good mom like that.

I just need them to realize that they can have fun and be happy without clinging to my pant legs. They tend to hover. And lots of times I don't mind it (except when I'm trying to cook; then it drives me nuts). But they both seemed restless and bored but were doing nothing about it. So I sent them away.

I wasn't angry or punishing them. Just directing their play. And they seem to be happy. It's been quiet and nice. No one's cried so far. Not even me.

I love it when they play well together. And lately- 'lately' meaning the past several months- they've done so fairly consistently. They're at a wonderful age to be perfect playmates. Jolie takes direction from James (which he gladly offers), and they'll play contently for hours.

It's wonderful for me.

What have I been doing this morning while they've played? Well... I've sat in the living room and relished in the Christmas atmosphere. I've painted my nails- several coats, even. I've checked Facebook. I've talked to Derek (on the phone; he's headed up to school). I'm blogging (gasp- I know). It's seriously been great.

A lot of my friends are pregnant or wanting to be. And although I'm super excited for those who are having or wanting to have newborns, I really am glad that I'm not. Life is really great right now, really easy most of the time. The kids are old enough to run errands with me and flexible enough to let me push them a bit past naptime or even lunchtime. They're getting to be quite independent and able to do a bunch of things by themselves. I can communicate with them, and they with me. It's nice around here.

I'm content.

And while I'm not ruling out the possibility of another child someday, I'm really happy to be just the four of us right now.

Sometimes life is just good. That 'sometimes' is right now.

(Note: This time the silly play was directed by Jolie.)


bart said...

It's easy to always see something else that you want in life. It's harder to simply enjoy your life as it is. Good for you!

katie said...

That's so great Becca! I'm glad you're happy and I can't wait to see you and your happy little family in just a few days!

Mindy said...

Bec, saying that you are content with your life is truly a fantastic thing. I think that is a hard thing for us all to grasp, so I'm glad you have that.
I hope you know how much I love you and your little family. You guys are pretty fantastic...and so cute, just look at that pic! :)