Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From the Mouths of Babes

This happened about 4.2 minutes ago. I had just gotten out of the shower and was putting lotion on my face, when Jolie walked in. She got down on her knees and folded her arms and said, "Mommy, a pair?" "You wanna say a prayer?" I replied. She nodded. "Hess." Uh... sure... okay.

So I got down on my knees next to her and folded my arms. Prayers thus far with her have been more of the say-and-repeat variety, but this time she just took off. No prompting necessary. This is what she said (translation to follow):

"Dear. A Fadder,
Tay-too Daddy coal.
Ike-Oh in-eh gun.
A name. Day-dus.


Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for Daddy's school.
Michael is gone.
In the name of Jesus Christ,

This girl seriously melts my heart.

PS. "Hess" is her new, adorable way of saying "Yes." I love it. It makes me happy every time.

PS#2. She must have noticed that Daddy has been stressed about school as of late.

And PS#3. She really misses Michael. She tells me he is gone and not at Grandma's house at least once a day, and always with a frown. :(


Adam and Aubrey said...

Aw. Poor Jolie missing Ike-oh. Maybe he's due for another visit. haha. Cute prayer!

Richelle said...

Too sweet. You must be teaching her right!

bart said...

What a thoughtful little girl!
And let me join with her in wishing you good luck with your last few days of school, Derek!

katie said...

That's so sweet!

Jamie Younker said...

What a precious girl. And you're so smart to write these things down!