Thursday, September 17, 2009


So this one I'm not so sure about. Does the black and white look dumb with the more brown-ish hued colors? Do the metals clash?? Is it too girly with the flower? Should I not put the date (or put something else altogether) since the labor and such was on the 12th... even though he was born on the 13th (accuracy in archiving is one of my anal-about-this things)?? I just don't know.

It's supposed to be about labor... that it sucked rocks but was totally worth it. I assume you'll pick that up. And that poor James had a rough go of it, too, but that it was worth it for him- at long last. The fig leaf was added for the sake of the blog. Derek thinks it's absolutely inappropriate to have a nudie-James pic in our scrapbook all together, but I couldn't bear to crop off his adorable little legs. He's just so perfect. Those were my thoughts then, and I wanted to keep those thoughts here. But is it totally indecent and cruel to put a baby weener in a book? I (again) just don't know.

Anyway- I need the moral support, so I'm going to keep posting these silly pages. Maybe you'll get inspired yourself ... or maybe you'll just see what a cute little squishy thing I gave birth to several years ago.


Jamie Younker said...

I think your pages look great- and personally I think it's fine to leave the picture just how it is ... I think the leaf will make it so that someday when James is 18 and his gilfriend comes over and wants to see baby pictures of him.. you can whip out your scrapbook... and he most likely will not kill you.

Li said...

Look at you go! You're a scrappin' machine! Your pages are looking great, too.

I left my kids in thier full nakedness for their scrapbooks. I probably wouldn't post nudie pics on my blog unless they were censored like yours, but I don't mind having them in the scrapbook. It's the miracle of life. Nothing wrong with it. :)