Friday, September 18, 2009


I'm sorry to keep posting these, but I'm just so darned proud of myself. Tonight I was browsing through our photos and found this one that we had taken of ourselves on our third anniversary. We stayed at the Providence Inn (an adorable little bed-and-breakfast place). It was my surprise for Derek, and (again with the pride) I must say it was a fabulous one! What fun memories! I get all swoony just thinking about it. I suppose I just love the guy. Sigh... bliss.


Amber said...

I like the pages Becca. I am not crafty and who knows what I am going to do with the 500 trillion pictures we have of Teddy. I am glad that someone is.

shawnmindyanderson said...

Bec, I am so proud! Yay for digital scrapbooking. It is very addicting, huh? :)