Thursday, January 21, 2010

Becky Homecky {how DO you spell that?}

I just wanted to update the blog to say that everything is going fine. The baby is doing well. She's still inside... which sucks for me, but is cozy and great for her. I'm pretty sure she's "dropped"-- figuring that's why I'm uber-bowl-legged and outrageously uncomfortable. {Dang kid; she's in time-out as soon as she comes out!} So that's cool. And different. James never dropped, not until half-way through labor. Maybe that means pushing will be easier with this one. I guess we'll see. Anyway, things are good. Dr. Fxx said he would induce me as early as 38 weeks, so I'm aiming for the 8th. :) Poor Fxx. I push him earlier every time. Again, we'll see.

But in case of early-labor and as a result of our earlier scare, I have been getting everything absolutely ready for our little girl's arrival. Mostly everything's done. Clothes and bedding are washed in Dreft. Closets and shelves are organized. A hospital bag is just about packed {including bows... in case she has any actual hair}. Bottles are out, and new nipples are purchased. Breast pump is cleaned. The car seat and bundleme are found and ready to be installed {and bundleme is being washed in Dreft right now}. A new diaper bag is practically decided upon and on its way. We're really close. And ah... the satisfaction of being prepared.

As part of this whole "nesting" phase, I've decided to be a little domestic. I made our cutie {the weener-less one} some binkie clips and a new blankie. Wanna see them? Go to my craft blog: Leave comments, too. I'm a sucker for reassurance.

And PS: Thank you all for being so kind and concerned about our recent labor drama. It was really sweet and made me feel very loved. So thanks. I love you, too. And really- go see my new crafties. ;)


bart said...

I'm purty sure you speld it right ;-). I understood what you meant, so I think that means it was right.

I like the cross-linking between your blogs -- self-advertising works!

Finally, and most importantly, I'm very glad you and baby are okay.

katie said...


But, um, I have to laugh... "new nipples are purchased"


Missy W. said...

you are totally prepared. good work!

tori and nelson said...

i've never heard of someone being "bowl legged"...pretty sure it's "bow legged"...but anyways...haha. i'm sure you're a fun sight to see. =) jk. love you and i'm glad that you're mostly prepared now. i'm jealous...but soon i will be prepared as well!!

Richelle said...

Go Becca! You're in the home stretch now!

BiggsFamily said...

Yes I believe you can be bowl legged, ha ha like you know feeling like you have a bowling ball ready to fall out! :)!! I can't wait for you to have your cute little baby!! And you are so way prepared :)!! Good job!!