Monday, November 22, 2010


I've been meaning to journal about a bunch of things lately but just can't get the time or motivation to do it. (I tend to write way too much, too slowly, and go off on a bazillion tangents when I write. Surprising, I know.) So instead of journaling, I'll blog about it. Ultimately, my goal is to print all these online ramblings off and bind them up in journal fashion. So hopefully it all counts as equal in the end.

One day (a couple of weeks ago?), the kids and I were sitting at the table eating lunch. Jolie was in her high chair; I was sitting at the table next to her, and James was next to me. Jolie was busy eating, but James (as is usual) was jibber-jabbering away instead. On this particular day, I had a post-it note and a pencil on the table as well. And it's a good thing I did, because James was spouting off all sorts of funny stuff, and for once- I wrote it down so I could document it. Here are a few conversations he and I had. It's fascinating to me the way his little brain works...

James: Mom, where do ghost-ez (plural of ghosts) sleep?
Me: In haunted houses, I guess. In beds. Or maybe on the ceiling!
James: When it's Christmastime, what do ghost-ez hang up?
Me: (Confused... then catching on.) I don't know. Do you think they put up a Christmas tree?
James: YEAH!

A few minutes later... after asking him if he wanted some of my almond milk (which, PS. is super duper yummy... buy the Silk brand, vanilla almond milk. Mmm... you won't regret it) and telling him that it tastes like ice cream.

James: This smells like ice cream!
Me: Yeah, it smells yummy, huh?
James: Yeah. And your toes FEEL like ice cream!
(He was touching my feet with his; my feet were cold.)

And again, a few minutes later...

James: Mommy, can you help me eat more?
Me: Sure, just a sec.
James: You're a good mommy. You help erry-hing I want.

:) Aw... so cute. He is (generally) a super sweet boy. And apparently I'm a good mommy because I help him with everything he wants. lol. Well, whatever it takes, I suppose.

James has also been really into Hide and Seek lately. He's wanted Derek and I to play with him, and since that sort of play is actually enjoyable, we've been doing it. And let me tell you, it's been TONS of fun! My very favorite part is when James hides with me (when Derek seeks). It's awesome because James will giggle and giggle and be SO excited. Not surprisingly, we are easily found. But really, it's worth it to see him so happy.

Once recently, I was seeking... and Derek, Jolie and James were hiding. James was in his room (behind his rocking chair, probably; it's a favorite spot for him), but I was trying to find Derek and Jolie first. I was walking around the house calling, "Daddy!" when I heard a teeny voice say, "Daddy!" in return. :) It was soooo cute! It was Jolie! So I kept calling, "Daddy!" and hearing "Daddy!" in return, sort of in Marco Polo style. Finally I found them... in the hall closet! Derek says I cheated, but really- with a little voice that cute calling back, how could I resist? :) It was lots of fun.

More on Jolie's talking... she now says "ha" (hi), "ba" (bye), "dad," "daddy" and "mama" (though mostly when she's whining, go figure). Once I was getting her out of her bed in the morning, and James came into the room. She got all excited and started bouncing up and down (she seriously adores that boy) and said, "ha jay!" (Hi, James!) It was adorable, and I really think she meant it. So yes, our little girl is growing up way too fast. And talking. And screaming (who taught her how to protest?), too, unfortunately. She's still a very good, pretty chill little girl. She's just not okay being ignored anymore. It's probably better. You know, self survival and all.

Jolie's eating tons of real foods (among them: gingerbread cookies and banana bread... tell no one) nowadays. She especially likes diced up bananas, diced yams and diced apples. She especially hates most vegetable purees and acts like she's being mercilessly tortured when we try to feed them to her. (Don't worry. When it comes to power struggles, I always win. lol)

She's also been getting tons of new teeth. And by "tons" I really mean tons. James was very by-the-book with his teething. He got the bottom two middles, then the top two middles, then the sides... Jolie got the bottom two in one day, then a third bottom tooth. Now she's getting FOUR top teeth - all at once. It's awful. For her and, in turn, for all of us. But I think she's past the worst part (hooray) because - minus the veggie puree incidents - we've got our sweet little girl back. :)

Oh! And she crawls. Like for realz, yo. Up off the tummy and all that jazz. I'm so proud of her. She is pretty proud of her, too. :)

It's crazy up in here... but really, quite fun.


Missy W. said...

give them both a hug for me:)

Adam and Aubrey said...

fyi, my toes feel like ice cream right now. Brr.

Kona LOVES hide and seek. We've been playing it for ages. One day before school (a couple weeks ago) he randomly hid from me (without telling me we were playing!) and I seriously couldn't find him. I started to FREAK. Yay for hiding and scaring the crap out of mom.

JuanFord said...

I'm glad James snuck out the other night. We haven't seen you guys in a while.

Regarding journaling via blogging. Do you feel that when you or your kids are reading through your journal "posts" sometime in the future, you will regret using lol in a post/journal entry? Just curious. :)

Stay cool.

Bec said...

lol, Jon! I actually totally wrote "lol" in my journal the other day. It seemed weird, but honestly the only thing I felt was applicable. I'm guessing our kids will speak entirely in code/abbreviations... so it will be no big thANG to them.

c u l8r!

And yes, it was really great seeing you guys... sorry we locked you in until the wee hours of the morning.

katie said...

What? No pictures? Guess, we'll just have to see those adorable kids for ourselves. Glad all is well at your house!

bart said...

We're missing them grow up! I'm glad we get to see (and hear) them next month!

Mindy said...

Yay for you and your awesome kids! I can't believe Jolie is talking and all that. We are excited to hang out with you on 2 DAYS!!!

JB said...

I LOVE your blog - text, photos, and videos! It helps me keep up with my family, even when I can't see you all in person whenever I want to.

I love you all.


Just Jill! said...

I drink the same brand of Almond milk!! I absolutely love it! Have you tried the dark chocolate? It's delicious... but very rich. Can't drink a lot at the same time. You have an adorable family Becca!