Monday, November 29, 2010

What I Saw Last Night

{Quick tangent: So my title reminds me of a fantastic book I recently read- "What I Saw and How I Lied" by Judy Blundell. It's really very good. You should read it. You won't regret it. Okay, on with the post...}

Last night Derek put Jolie to bed, and I put James to bed. Afterward, Derek played World of Warcraft in our bedroom/office, and I read Moonraker's Bride {by Madeleine Brent -- this is my third time reading this book. THIRD! I rarely re-read books, but this one is Just.That.Good. Mmm... Thank you, Bonnie!} on the couch, by the light(s) of our Christmas tree.

Anyway, I heard Jolie start to fuss. I ignored her, hoping she'd get herself back to sleep... and if not, that Derek would get her. Then I heard her cry escalate a bit. Dang. I thought about going to get her, but then I heard it stop. I assumed Derek had gone in with her. But soon after the silence, I heard her giggling hysterically. What? I got up to see what the heck they were up to. As I peered into her room, this is what I saw...

James had gotten up, gone out of his room, opened her door and turned on the light... and gotten into her crib! :) Her giggles were a result of either his silliness or just the silliness of the situation- the fact that instead of sleeping, she was playing with her brother. :) Naughty children.

I must admit, it was about the cutest thing I've ever seen. It's the reason I want them to share a room someday... so they can giggle and whisper and conspire against us... you know - bond as siblings. Apparently they don't need to share a room to do that.

I sure love these kiddos. And I quite adore how much they love one another!


Shanna said...

That is so cute he would go and climb in with her. I need to see your kids again, it has been way too long. I still think of Jolie as a tiny little newborn!

Missy W. said...

what a cute video. and here's a second shoutout for Moonrakers Bride...loved that one.

bart said...

What a good brother! Glad you captured that moment, it's adorable.

Mindy said...

First of all: Moonraker's Bride is fantastic!
Second: I love the sibling lovey thing. It makes me so happy to see brothers and sisters loving each other. I'm sure I've told you but whenever my girls fight I always tell then that family is really all we have.
Me: "What is most important?"
Girls: "Family" Use your imagination for the tone of voice they answer me with.
PS- I will miss you while you are off visiting your family. I hope you have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Adorable!!!!! Has James gotten better at getting o u t of the crib? "Grandmaaaa, commmeee get meeee..."
Did you turn the light off and let them sleep together?

Richelle said...

I love the laugh! That's so sweet that James went in to help her feel better.

Anonymous said...

Besar, saya menemukan apa yang saya 'lookin telah berlangsung selama

Anonymous said...

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