Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nakey Nakey and the Tall Old Lady

Jolie pooped tonight. No news there; she's a bit of a poop machine. But it got up on her shirt. So I stripped her of her clothes, changed her diaper, cleaned her off, then ran the dirty diaper outside to the trash. My hands were gross, so I left her on her changing pad (on the floor- fyi) and washed up. When I came back- literally seconds later, this is what I found!

She had crawled her little naked self all the way out of her room and into the hall. Silly girl! (And the cutest little nudist I've ever seen, don't you agree? Mmm... those darling little fat rolls!) :)

Also tonight...

James found Derek's old clipboard and some printer paper and told me that he wanted to color- with a pen. I tried to convince him that crayons would be better, as there were more colors to choose from. But he was insistent about the pen. So I let him.

He's done this before. Pens- since they are generally reserved for mommies and daddies- are totally cool, and he loves being able to color with them. But this was a first time for something...

Look at the below picture and tell me what you see.**
I walked by James as he was coloring, and he told me the following: "Momma, I'm trying to draw a tall lady."


He's never tried to draw ANYTHING- just a bunch of lines and scribbles and such. I've not pushed him about the "What's that a picture of?" sort of thing, as I'd heard it is too pressure-filled and they do not draw pictures, really, at this age. But apparently he does now. And I'm so excited for him!

Look at the picture again (click on it to blow it up if you want... and please disregard my awesome paint skills).
Here is how James explained it to me:
[1] is the head (Can you see it?)
[2] the hand (There is only one.)
[3] the body ("The swirly 'hings are the body, a course.")
[4] a foot
[5] another foot ("It's like a crunchy shark tooth 'hing... but it's not reawy (really) a shark 'hing... it's jussa foot.") lol.

He then proceeded to tell me that it wasn't me, but a different lady. One he's "ne'er seen afore." An old lady, "a course." :) Of course.

Can you see it? Or her, rather? Fun, right?? :)

Very cool. I tell you, I am totally entranced by these two. My children are ingenious. Or, you know, nudists at the very least. ;)

** (I didn't see it, either. Shh!) :)


Anonymous said...

James was so fun with me making the Halloween crafts. Maybe he got some ideas from our skeletons????
Jolie is so precious!! She reminds me of you!
I can't wait to see you all soon. Wow, just over a week :)
Love you all,

Adam and Aubrey said...

Dang. She could get a wicked carpet burn. I love nakedness.

Kona hasn't yet tried to draw people. He sticks with octopus' and dragons. Meh. One day we'll move on.... I'm just sure of it!

Johanna Markworth said...

Your kids are so stinkn' cute!

bart said...

I'm impressed with the drawing explanation!

Crawling?! I can't wait to see it in person!

Brianne said...

Too cute!!! I just want to pinch her little cheeks! all of them!

BiggsFamily said...

I love chubby naked babies!! They are the best!! She is just getting SO big!! And awesome drawing!! Showing some major potential :)!

JB said...

To understand James' drawing, you gotta use some 'magination, silly! Lol.

Richelle said...

I was worried about the carpet burn too, but she seems very happy.

The picture is great, James! Now mom and dad should let you use their Sharpie since you're getting so good with a pen.

katie said...

I totally knew what the picture was--or at least parts of it. James and I must be two like souls.

Jamie Younker said...

I absolutely love reading your blog! It just brightens my day! Your kids are adorable.