Sunday, May 15, 2011

FHE: Honesty

FHE for 05/15/2011 = Honesty

Tonight's FHE is going to be on Honesty. It's something we're trying to teach James, and something he's struggling with. We're not too concerned with this, believing it to be just part of his normal development. We know that three- and four-year-olds start to develop their imaginations, which is super fun when it comes to playing pretend... but not so fun when it blurs the line between truth and lie. But still, it's something he needs to learn, something we need to teach. When I saw the article in the Friend, I decided to whip up a quick lesson to address this topic.

Song: "I Believe in Being Honest" (Children's Songbook, p. 149... link for sheet music/lyrics here, link for FREE mp3 download(s) here)

Story: "The Catcher's Mitt" by Jane McBride Choate (The Friend magazine, May 2011, pp. 22-23 ... pdf link here)

Activity: Make two paper signs (on construction paper, maybe) for each family member: on one, a happy face and the words "Truth" / on the other, a sad face and the words "Lie." Prepare one set of statements that are true and another set of statements that are not true. Examples: Snow is white. Rain is wet. People need water to live. Salt is sweet. The sun is dark. Ice cream is hot.

Arrange chairs in the middle of the room with one less chair than there are family members. Everyone march around the chairs as you sing “I Believe in Being Honest." When the music stops, say one of the statements and have the person who does not have a chair decide whether the statement is true or a lie, holding up either their Truth or their Lie sign. Repeat multiple times, until everyone gets a turn.

Ask the children what truth is and what it means to be honest. Remind them that we believe in being honest. In the end, discuss that lying is naughty and we don't want to do it, and tear up the Lie sign. Have each family member hold on to their Truth sign to help them remember to always tell the truth.

(Original idea taken from the October 1996 Sharing Time Suggestion, found by me via

Treat: Cherry pie and ice cream! {Update: Make that AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS strawberries and shortcake at Jon & Ash's place! Mmm!} :)

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Brittney said...

Love the lesson! Seriously I think we are going to be copying you! So please post one once a week!

JuanFord said...

Lesson on honesty: Don't post on your blog about honesty and include a lie. It makes you look bad.

How was that cherry pie and ice cream??

Bec said...

Hehe. As I just got on here to check, I was thinking, " I should probably update that..." Funny you should mention it. ;) You're the smartest person I know. (lie) ;)

Mindy said...

We just recently re-instigated FHE at our house. Our kids love it. Which makes me wonder why we would ever not have it. I am such a slacker mom. Claire taught the lesson last week. It was about the sacrament and it was awesome. 1 1/2 minutes, tops. Then we played ring-around-the-rosies. Yay for FHE!