Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jolie Bug: She SPEAKS! :)

So I was perusing through our old blog (, just flipping through like one might flip through a photo album. As I perused, I found a post (here) in which I detailed all of the words that James could say then. He was about Jolie's age, and SHEESH! That boy could talk! I got worried about Jolie as I read the post, thinking that we needed to start working with her on so many things. Not to compare, but really- I felt she had a minuscule vocabulary compared to his at her age. Anyway, it got me thinking... and worrying... and thinking. I was talking with one of my friends, expressing my worry, and she asked if Jolie said mama and daddy. I replied that of course she did, and she also said this and this and this... And then I realized something: it's quite possible that she talks much more than I give her credit, and that it's just that I don't pay as close of attention! With James (for better or for worse), our entire universe revolved around him. And while we love and adore Jolie just as much, she gets vocally drowned out by that jibber-jabbery brother of hers and overlooked in far too many things.

SO! I decided to sit down and make a list of things Jolie says (well, words- her coos and babbles don't get much mention). And I was pleasantly surprised! She says a whole lot more than I realized! Another smarty pants! (Phew!) :) It must run in the family, ha. And while she does talk a lot less frequently than James did/does, she consistently says the following words. (Heaven forbid we have a soft spoken child, eh?) :) Sweet girl. Okay, here ya go (in no particular order):

Da-ee (daddy)
Day (occasionally "Jace" ... for James)
Gama (Grandma)
Peeez (please)
Teh-too (thank you)
Ssssieu (shoe)
bah (ball)
oh, no!
yeah (usually accompanied by a full-body nod)
die (bye)
baba (bottle)
buk (book)
muh (more)
woof-woof (which is really more like "uff-uff", for dog- and many mammals)
quack-quack (for duck... or frog... or anything non-mammal, really)
twee-twee (for bird)
amen (which sounds something like "tah-beh"- strangely enough)
ah-duh (all done)
dah-dah (tada!)
dee-doo (peek-a-boo)
essieu (bless you... for sneezes or farts, equally... so I've heard...)
She also makes an exhale/hissing sort of noise for dinosaurs and a vroom-vroom kind of sound for cars. :) And when we tell her to say "Love you!" she blows kisses instead. I know... awww!

All in all, I'd say that list is not too shabby for a 15-month old. Don't you think? I guess I don't have to be too worried after all. (Phew!) I do, however, still think that she deserves more one-on-one time. We'll have to work on that.

Oh, a few more tidbits I jotted down while I was thinking of it: Jolie's all-time favorite book is entitled What Shall We Do With the Boo-Hoo Baby? by Cressida Cowell, followed only by Are You My Mother? by P. D. Eastman. She loves dogs (which is cute, as James loves kitties) and first showed favoritism to a cheap little stuffed doggie that was overlooked in James' stash. She also loves shoes (her pink soft-soled ones in particular) and her "pretties" (necklaces, bling-bling, what-have-you)... and pretty much being a lady! She likes to use my big make-up brush on her face (and tongue, ew), to put on lip gloss and smack her lips, and to get her toenails painted. And her favorite thing in the whole-wide-world (besides daddy, as of late... lucky guy) is her blankie! It's a simple cotton one I made for her, hot pink with black polka dots. I just got a yard of fabric and hemmed it. Easy-peasy. But somehow she fell in love. Now the corners are well loved (aka: gnawed on), and just the sight of Blankie makes her giddy. :)

I love this girl. We all do. She's not just my baby; she's OUR baby (including James'). We love having her in our lives, in our family. She's a darling, sassy, sweet little thing, and we'd never want a world without her in it!

Love you, Jolie Bug!!


Richelle said...

Jolie can have a whole conversation with that big of a vocabulary. James better watch out! Pretty soon he won't be able to get a word in edgewise.

Richelle said...

Jolie can have a whole conversation with that big of a vocabulary. James better watch out! Pretty soon he won't be able to get a word in edgewise.

bart said...

A child psychologist who is a friend of ours told us that the last things you want to teach your child to do are talk or walk -- because in both cases once you get them started you can't ever get them to stop! ;-)

Cassie said...

Of course she's a smartie! And precious to boot! I could eat her up! But I won't. Sure wish you guys lived closer. Oh ya, we're supposed to move there:)! Love ya!

Mindy said...

Amen Bart!!! If you remember that Brynn was almost two before she walked. I cried that she would not be normal. Now I wish she would just hold still. And all three of my girls talk NONSTOP. Jolie is sweet and perfect, and can say plenty BTW. And yay that she loves a blankie that you made. That is kind of how I feel about Claire's blankie. I made it for her to love and she does love it. :) Even when it is super stinky.
Love your little girl and all of you!

katie said...

She is just so darling and grown up! I wish that we could see her sooner than Christmas because she's already changed so much in the past 5 months.

P.S. I keep having dreams that you and Bonnie announce pregnancies at this Christmas vacation, so you better get started on that. I don't like being wrong!

Bonnie said...

Oh Jolie! We love the picture of her face smashed against the window. You just can't disguise good looks. Kurt's new words lately include Enterobacteriaceae and Fluoroquinolone. Unfortunately, nobody knows what those words mean. :( He may be digressing.

Gama said...

My lil Jolie :) Gama sure loves you!! Bec, you and Derek are amazing parents to both James & Jolie. How blessed I am that I have the best kids and grandkids!!