Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween 2011: a short story

Happy Halloween!! Okay, it was a while ago. But I'm going to post pictures anyway, cause you know- I'm crazy like that. I'm also gonna tell you a spoooooky tale. Here it is:

Once upon a time in a far away land lived a happy family of four. They were a perfectly normal family: a mommy, a daddy, a boy and a girl. Well one night when the moon was full and the wind was rushing through the trees, something mysterious and spooky blew through the air... and POOF! They all transformed into perfectly UNnatural creatures! Mommy turned into a witch (yeah, not a stretch at all). Daddy turned into a warlock with a crazy nose and mustache. The boy turned into a super-scary skeleton. And the girl turned into a glorious butterfly.

How surprised they were to find themselves in such a predicament! Whatever were they to do? Well, they decided to wander the streets in search of nourishment. They left before nightfall, seeings how it was warmer and the wee creatures were in happy moods. They went around from door to door, knocking on the doors and threatening, "Trick or treat!" Apparently the neighbors preferred to give treats and avoid the afore-mentioned tricks, so they handed over their candy. More and more and more candy. They family was thrilled! What a feast they would have! (What big thighs you have! Better to... hmm, that doesn't quite fit.) They continued to roam the streets and threaten any who would dare answer their knocks. Then it was time to return home. So they did.

At home, they devoured the candy, one by one... until at least one piece a person was consumed. Then they turned off the lights, turned to boom box high, and had a spooktacular dance party. What a glorious time they had! The lights were off. Each creature was armed with a magical glowing branch, and the house was a-rockin! Finally the wee creatures began to yawn (and yowl), so the witch and warlock readied them for Dream Land. In two straight (well...) lines they broke their bread, brushed their teeth and went to bed.

As they drifted off to sleep, they dreamt that change was coming at last. The wind rushed through the trees, a howl was heard in the distance, and magical fairy dust filled the air. When they awoke the following morning, they were normal again. A mommy, a daddy, a boy and a girl. Perfectly normal.

... Or were they?

Aaaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha (that's a witch's cackle)!

:) Happy Halloween!

PS. The above tale is based on a true story.

PS#2. James got to dress up four times this year: once for a neighborhood party, once for Grandma Marilyn's ward party, once for preschool, and once for actual Halloween. His face paint got progressively better. Jolie got to dress up thrice. She was equally adorable each time. :) Both kids were super cute and very excited about the festivities this year. It was a very fun time had by all. Hooray for such a fun, silly holiday. Hooray for Halloween!


bart said...

Cute! What an adorable butterfly!

katie said...

I LOVE the story and the family! I seriously thought at one point the family of four was going to magically turn into a family of five, but alas, a dance party was had instead! Very fun!

Bec said...

Hehe. Katie, I thought that might be misleading... when I mentioned the family of FOUR. But no... still only four. Sorry to get your hopes up. :)

Anonymous said...



Your little kiddos are pretty darn adorable, I must say.