Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We put up our tree this weekend. Yes, put up. We bought a fakey last year, and while we love the smell and effect of a real one, artificial is so, so much easier (and less messy)! We did spend a lot of time choosing a tree that looked fairly realistic, though, so that helps.

Anyway, the tree. It's up. And decorated. And glorious! We got out our decorations (this was all Friday, I believe) and had a grand time putting them all up/out. It's so fun to see all of the decorations and things I haven't seen in a year and remember just how much I love them. Our stockings, for instance. And the darling little nativity set I bought our first year of marriage... and how it sat atop our lil' TV back then because we basically had no other furniture. :) The memories and nostalgia are a delightful side effect of Christmas. I love it all.

So now our home feels cozy and warm... and definitely ready for Christmas!

Here are a few pics. Taken with my iPhone. Because my little boy may or may not have put our camera in the freezer and made it unworkable. :( Oh, well. C'est la vie.


Daddy, James and Jolie
"helping decorate"
Setting up the train

Various shots of our pretty, festive living room:

(Our "real" nativity set...
purchased circa 2005)
(The kids' nativity set;
James wanted it set up
next to the other one.)

Ah... Christmas.


bart said...

Hooray for Christmas! We put our tree up this weekend, too. Then we bought a little tree for the little one to decorate each year. New traditions!

Richelle said...

Nice job decorating! We tried to get ours done, but only got as far as cleaning up and moving furniture around to make the spot for the tree. We told the kids we could do it for FHE tonight. We're getting a real tree since we're "home for the holidays" this year.

Adam and Aubrey said...

YAYYYYY! Bring on the Christmasness. Yes, I just used that word. Your tree looks great! It's hard to go back to real after the ease and fabulousness of a fakey... and they sell candles and melters so no worries.