Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Independence Day

This year's Independence Day was pretty traditional and pretty fun.  On the third, we hung out in the friendly neighbor's yard near Derek's childhood home.  We made a whole slew of "Mom's Summertime Burritos" for everyone and were joined by a bunch of Andersons and even a few Barentines (well, one- and a friend).  The fireworks were enjoyable, but the kids kind of didn't care for them this year.  No aversion or fear, just meh.  They mainly wanted to play with their cousins.  Can't blame them, really.  Cousins are the best!

On the morning of the fourth, we hung out at home- getting a little crafty in our own patriotic way.  James painted a flag shirt (Finger painting, man!  No screaming or squirming, even!), and I snipped and sewed and created a little (perhaps too little... guilty face) shirt for Jolie.  They looked so cute!

We also got to play outside with our kiddos in our little pool.  We aren't always such great parents and this was a bit of a treat for them.  It was really fun.  Our family rocks, I tell ya.

Then, that evening, we went to the Seeholzer's Annual 4th of July Shindig.  It was yummy and sparkly and full of glorious fireworks and fun.  We sure love those guys.  We never want to move.  Now to be sure no one else does... :)

It was a fun and festive and relatively chill Fourth of July.

God bless America.

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tori and nelson said...

Love Derek's sparkler boobs. lol