Tuesday, July 2, 2013

T-ball, baby!

James played t-ball again this year, and he seemed to have enjoyed it (more).  The timing of it wasn't awesome, as we had to wake him up from a nap pretty much every time (and that never goes well), and the scorching heat of it all was less than awesome.  But he seemed to get the concept much better this year and seemed to have fun making friends.

Jolie was James' self-appointed water girl and would run out into the middle of the field to give him a cool drink whenever she felt he needed it.  It was pretty cute.  And while I tried my best to stay far away (instead of installing myself as a co-coach again like last year, haha), Derek was able to get more involved and help out, which was fun to see.  He even had a post-game practice to help James figure out that whole batting thing (even Jolie got in on the action). I have a love-hate relationship with t-ball.  It's hot and miserable (hormonal pregnant lady here) but also very fun and adorable to watch.  I love seeing my boy learn new things and have pride in his new abilities.  It's one of the very best parts of parenting.  

Go, Rockies!

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Jenny said...

Best sport ever. It is hilarious to watch and everyone wins.