Friday, July 12, 2013

Swim Lessons

Both of my kiddos were big enough for see-ya-later-mommy swim lessons this year!  It was exciting for them, but so sad for me.  How did both of my babies get so big??  It was seriously a mourning thing for me, letting them both go with their instructors and trust those instructors to keep them alive and safe and happy.  But both of them did very well.  I was so pleased.  Their instructors were great, and they both made pretty significant progress.  James did especially well, as this was the first year he was willing to really try floating and getting his head all the way in the water.  I was so proud!  My big boy.  Jolie pretty much refused to put her head (or even ear) in the water, but I'm not too worried since James took a good three years to get to that point.  My kids must have desert blood in them after all.  She has since done much better about getting her head in, both in the tub and in the little pool in the yard.  Telling her that she was Ariel made a big impact, I think. Haha.  Silly girl.  Anyway, I am really happy we have access to affordable, safe and enjoyable swimming lessons for my kiddos.  Survival skills for the win!


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Jenny said...

Swimming lessons totally changed my nephew. He still doesn't love the water, but you can actually give the boy a bath AND wash his hair (sometimes) without a meltdown. Sometimes it just takes someone who isn't mom or dad to convince a child that they can survive even if their face gets wet.